Star Wars is easily one of the strongest and recognizable brands in the entire world and it remains that way even more so now thanks to Social Media and YouTube Influencer Marketing.

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How marketers feel when their goals are just over the horizon

As a franchise that’s remained at the forefront of pop culture consciousness since 1977, marketers in charge of the Star Wars brand have had to allocate resources to nearly every kind of strategy possible in order to maintain its cross-generational appeal.

The 2015 release of The Force Awakens heralded another kind of awakening for brand marketers in charge of Star Wars: the rise of influencer marketing. With the revival of a franchise that had been relatively dormant since Revenge of the Sith in 2005, Disney needed a unique approach to target millennials and Generation Z and unlock an appreciation for a Galaxy Far Far Away for a new generation of fans.

Their solution? Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Influencer Marketing. The popularity of social media has created a generation of consumer that thrives on participation. This means that the best way for brands to reach millennials is through sparking conversation, especially considering that 70% of Millennials in 2016 used ad blockers. And what’s the best way to create organic conversations? You guessed it: influencers.

From partnering with brands such as ASUS to send Gaming Influencers like Vikkstar123 Battlefront 2 themed equipment, to sponsoring a Porg-themed cake video by YouTube Influencer Yolanda Gammp, Star Wars marketers generated a cumulative total of 4.5M+ conversations centering around the brand. No matter what brand it is, talented influencers who are excited about the collaboration you offer will find a way to sync their passions with your brand values and produce engaging, authentic content that their fans will love.

Star Wars Pillows by Instagram Influencer Nicole Marie Jean

Star Wars pillow set custom embroidered by Instagram Creator Nicole Marie Jean

Thanks to these efforts to sustain hype ever since the trailer was released in April 2017, Last Jedi earned a monster box office opening. Don’t underestimate the power of YouTube Influencer Marketing. 39% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets in 2018. Don’t get lost in the Old Republic, connect with Influencers today.