If questions like, “how can I inspire my audience to take that next step to learn more?” or “how can I get them off of YouTube and to my website?” sound familiar to you, then maybe you should try out the CTA overlays with your YouTube videos.

What is a CTA overlay?

CTA overlays are little banner-like ads that are displayed at the bottom part of your video. With YouTube CTA overlays you can link to your website from your videos. CTA overlays aren’t really new, but they are new to a lot of people.

Setting up CTA overlays

The CTA Overlays are actually part of Google Adwords. So, before anything else, you’ll want to create an account on Adwords.

You’ll also need a video campaign before you can add any CTA overlays. Then, just follow these steps to set up your CTA overlay.

1. From your AdWords dashboard click the “campaigns” button.

CTA overlay 1-1

2. Then, on the left side of your screen at the very bottom click on “all video campaigns”.

CTA overlay 2-2

3. Now you’ll want to click on the “videos” button.

CTA overlay 3-3

4. Now you’ll want to click the highlighted title of the video you want to add a CTA overlay to.

step 1 CTA

5. Next, click the “add call-to-action overlay” button.

CTA overlat step 2

5. And finally, fill out all the required fields and then click save. Make sure to summarize because space is limited!

CTA overlay step 3

6. After you’ve done all that you can hit the preview button next to your video to play your video along with the CTA overlay you just created.

CTA overlays step 4

And you’re done. Now it’s pretty simple to run ads and boost views from your video, but you don’t have to buy any views in order to use a CTA overlay, you only have to pay if you’re buying the opportunity for more views.

Keep in mind:

  • You have to create a video campaign first before you can add a CTA overlay.
  • Choose an image that goes along with your CTA overlay and is 74×74. Remember, images are attention grabbers.
  • CTA overlays don’t cost anything, but video ads do.
  • You can track the links or you can put in a campaign URL or Bitly link and track how many clicks you are getting.

How can companies benefit from using CTA overlays?

Companies who have content that they would like to drive traffic to, such as white papers, downloadables, or landing pages, or even just to get people to sign up for an upcoming event. Chances are, if someone watches one of your product demo videos, then it’s safe to say they’re interested in your product. So, keep your CTA overlay relevant to the video you are displaying it on. For example, on your product demo videos you’ll want to have a link to that specific product. If the overlay isn’t relevant, then that could be bothersome for your viewers and may come off as just another annoying ad popping up.

People want to know the information. If you’ve already gotten them to watch your video, then you are halfway there. A CTA overlay might give them the answer to their next question. If they want more info or if they want to buy your product right after watching your video, then they should be able to get those next steps from your CTA overlay.

Don’t expect people to click on those CTA overlays if what you are presenting has nothing to do with the video they’re watching.

Should you link to other videos?

If you want to link one of your videos to another one, then we recommend using YouTube annotations. Use the overlays to drive traffic to your site or landing page, not to link your videos, because odds are you want to get your audiences contact info and you won’t get that unless you drive them to your landing page.

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