You probably have favorite YouTube channels and it may have crossed your mind to become Youtuber(use) in turn …

Devoting your time to take care of a channel and talk about his passions, it’s tempting! But leaving everything to dedicate yourself full time to this project seems impossible …

Becoming YouTUBeur is not done in a few days, you must not fool yourself.

But this activity could bring many benefits, such as the ability to work from home and share with your community content about a topic that is important to you, all for a relatively low initial investment.

Here are 8 tips to get there with strategy and creativity.

In addition, if you have the imagination and you do not get discouraged easily, then this project is totally for you! The most famous YouTubers did not become stars in 2 weeks, they started from scratch one day, as you …

With strategy, method, and creativity, why not make your own comfortable income with YouTube?

Before anything else, make sure you:

  • have a YouTube channel
  • have an AdSense account
  • have at least a thousand subscribers
  • have accumulated 4000 hours of views over the last 12 months
  • publish videos that you own the exclusive copyrights
  • not having had the monetization option disabled in the past

All these points are detailed in the terms and conditions of the platform.

Once these strictly technical conditions are met, arm yourself with patience and scrupulously apply the following 8 tips … and do not be discouraged if the first euros take several months to reach your account!

Create qualitative content.

This is the basic rule, the FIRST checkpoint in your videographer’s to-do-list. When we talk about quality, it’s about fine-tuning not only the bottom but also the shape. No more videos in Blair with mode filmed in a hurry with an old smartphone: in 2019 it is possible to provide high-performance technical resources for not too expensive. And for the content, hurry up the lemon!

Your YouTube channel should have a very clear message (English class, movie or series review, history class, political opinion, humorous skits, cooking class, etc.).

It must also give an impression of quality, with a graphic and beautiful vignette for your videos. You’ll reach your audience more easily with quality content, even once a month, than posting a sloppy video more often.

Create a commitment.

Creating commitment is essential: you must publish as regularly as possible to set up an appointment with your fans and thus retain your audience. Do not be discouraged: making a quality video takes a lot of time … You need to write a precise script, shoot in the right conditions, make several shots if necessary, fine-tune the introductions and conclusions, embed images or texts, create dynamic editing … Everything is in the detail: it’s a real job full time!

Do not forget to give special importance to the titles of your videos as well as their thumbnails (thumbnails of videos that fans will see first on your homepage). A well-optimized title and a beautiful miniature will encourage users to watch their content. Keep in mind that the competition is very tough: about 600 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube.

Regarding the metal, if a good smartphone can be enough when launching your channel, consider investing quickly in some basic equipment to provide videos with better viewing comfort: a lavalier microphone, a camcorder or a Reflex, a small tripod, a video editing software … later, you can create your own studio with the decor, light, and accessories that go well.

Bet on Advertising.

The easiest way to generate revenue on YouTube is to add ads to your videos: overlay banners, spots, ads, or product listings on the side. Once you’ve uploaded your video and it’s been approved for monetization, ads will start running, which will produce your first earnings.

Warning: Please note that YouTube must have advertisers that fit the theme of your video and the profile of people who will watch it, otherwise your video can not be monetized.

Earning some pocket money with YouTube is not difficult, but generating a good income is more complex. We speak on average of one euro for 1000 views, but this figure is approaching 70 cents per thousand views.

It all depends on the quality of your content and the relevance of the advertisements offered: some can yield up to 2 euros per thousand views. One piece of advice anyway: avoid basing your revenue strategy on advertising alone, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Make Product Placement.

This is a fun and virtually effortless way to get paid: do product placement for a brand or company that you love and cash in a reward or gift easily. Express yourself with your creativity, make original product placement, humorous, offbeat or crazy! This method is used in movies and series and works very well.

On the other hand, it is strongly advised to act in a totally transparent way with your community of fans. If you are not familiar with the placement of products in your videos, your audience may feel crazy or surprised without his knowledge by a purely commercial approach that could be considered as cynical and a backdrop for some of your fans. Be sincere and creative and it will be much better!

Become a brand partner (partnership or sponsor).

Here we attack the serious things … the more you accumulate subscribers, and the more your chances of signing partnerships with brands increase. And then, you only have to present products to your audience for one or two minutes, with your freedom of tone.

This system of partnership or sponsorship is growing more and more on social networks, especially YouTube and Instagram. If you promote a brand that you like, then you join the useful to the pleasant, which does not spoil anything!

Moreover, if you don’t want to promote brands in starting, start with combining reviews of products and give conclusion based on their reviews. You can use a YouTube to mp3 converter to download YouTube videos in Audio or mp3 format with proper credit and combine all such audios and convert in your own videos. You need not to have paid tool for this but a free tool like or any other trusted tool you know. Note you must give them credit to original video owner.

Compensation systems can be implemented with brands, for example, you can receive a commission for each purchase made by a user redirected to the brand in question from your video. In short, the opportunity to sign a really lucrative contract is within your reach.

Appeal to the donations of your fans.

You can use crowdfunding platforms or ask your community for tips. These two systems are a little different, here are the subtleties to take into account, and to explain well if necessary, to your fans.

If you want to start a project and you need funds to do it, then use a platform like KissKissBankBank or Ulule. You will need to federate fans around a project and send a counterparty once the funding goal received and the project completed.

This system is very popular if you offer to send goodies, t-shirts, mugs, stickers …

If you want a small supplement of income without proposing a specific project, rather make a call to the generosity of your audience and collect donations. It’s your fans who decide to donate to you if they like your content.

These donations, of a minimum of one euro, can be sent on an ad hoc or regular basis (in the form of monthly levies), which allows having some visibility on the income.

Being present on other social networks.

Feel free to invest all social networks and build your editorial strategy on your presence not only on YouTube but also Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. The more you are there, the more content you publish will be visible, CQFD!

Do not forget to create your own website or blog and post content regularly. SEO, backlinks, collaborations …

You will have to become an ace of web marketing and community management to ensure your own promotion. Rest assured, there are many tutorials or online courses to learn the basics and you can always get help.

After all, it’s your YouTube channel and you’re probably the best ambassador! Again, do not neglect the quality: spelling, grammar, and benevolence will be your best allies.

Become a best friend to your fans.

Do not make the mistake of creating your videos for yourself in your attic and sharing them just because they make you happy, then letting your channel live its life on its own …

Of course, you have to create content that you like, but it is imperative to interact with your community to make it grow and multiply the number of your views and your fans.

Respond to their comments (under the videos but also on other social networks where you are present), ask them questions in the comments or in your contents, make react them live, do not hesitate to ask them for opinions, tips, tricks, or why not crazy ideas that will give your ideas for future content!

On the other hand, do not fall into the inverse excess of creating content solely to meet the needs of your audience. Managing a YouTube channel must still be a source of pleasure for you! A proposed subject that does not inspire you?

So put it in a corner, or just make a blog post. In any case, listening to your community sends a strong message: you are attentive to your fans and you really want to bond with them.
Nothing like boosting an audience like magic.

Do not be fooled by the unpleasant comments: haters are everywhere, they are part of the game …

Good advice: focus on positive comments and constructive criticisms that you can exploit to progress. Do not hesitate to make videos entirely devoted to the question of your fans, type Frequently Asked Questions: it works!

Sell ​​your products.

In 2019, selling products, goods or services is the main source of income for many YouTubers. The possibilities are unlimited: thanks to your video content, you have the opportunity to sell books, decorative objects, online courses, coaching, clothes, e-books, travel, board games, gardening equipment, video games, beauty products, cooking utensils, music, food supplements, relaxation sessions,

baby accessories, pet food … the list could be infinity! Selling products derived from your channel is a real windfall. Think of just the number of books of YouTubers placed at the top of gondolas bookstores and supermarkets …

Perseverance, talent, and business strategy.

That’s it, you now have the key to starting a YouTube channel, building a loyal audience, and generating revenue. The alternatives are numerous and if you combine these 8 tips in a strategic, methodical and regular way, if your chain idea is creative and original, then success awaits you!

To summarize, if you want to enrich yourself with YouTube, you will need a lot of time, perseverance, passion, talent, and strategy, both commercial and editorial. The task is not insurmountable, but at least you are warned!

Oh yes, one last thing: remember that any revenue you earn through your YouTube channel must be reported to the tax department as revenue, so you have to start a company or get started as a micro-entrepreneur …

So, now that you’re ready, get started!