7 Prominent Personalities Who Got Fame Through YouTube

Are you wondering how people are changing their lives with social media?

Well, I used to as well, but now it’s quite normal!

Almost every month, I read different success stories of individuals and small entrepreneurs who got fame through social media. In short, it is an absolute game changer for any business if it really wants to excel online.

In this post, we will particularly talk about YouTube – a user-friendly platform that has changed the life of many.


YouTube is influential. It offers great infotainment through a plethora of video channels.

YouTube uploads more than 100 hours of video each minute (A proof of its visibility among masses). Also, over 80% of traffic is generated from outside the U.S. That means, a big portion of traffic is generated from the other global regions.

I love watching YouTube. I usually follow cooking forums, home remedy channels and some entertainment platforms. Each day I log in and explore new things, My personal favorite channels are, Laura in the Kitchen, Patioelf, alittleshabbychic and Home Cooking Adventures.

According to Mashable, an average YouTube visitor spends around 15 to 25 minutes a day on this fantastic site (Maybe I am one of them).

I found some prominent personalities who achieved success by expanding their social media exposure and using YouTube to do it.

1. Laura Vitale

Laura Vitale - getting fame through youtube

Laura, she’s just fabulous. I closely follow her on YouTube, as she’s running her own internet cooking series named ‘Laura in the Kitchen’. Her maniac love for cooking became the reason for her boundless success when she realized how to learn classic Italian dishes from her Grand Ma over the phone. Over the phone? No, I am not kidding!

Today, she is enjoying the tag of #1 Italian Chef even after not having any professional training in the culinary arts. It’s just her passion. Appealing to an audience of millions is not a joke, it’s an astonishing reality.

Witness her success ratio:

Laura Vitale 2 - getting fame through youtube

2. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Felix Arvid - getting fame through youtube

A vlogging guru, maker of $4 million from ads in 2013 and of course, a real entertainer, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is equal to a magician.

His success on YouTube embarked with PewDiePie, an online gaming channel that amazingly surpassed the record of views. The young gun has more than 31 million subscribers, which is humungous!

Felix Arvid 2 - getting fame through youtube

The most attractive feature which I noticed is his crazy commentary on his own gaming session that looks completely insane, but entertaining as well. This Swedish comedian is marching towards more success day by day, thanks to YouTube.

3. Yuya

Yuya - getting fame through youtube

Check out Yuya, a Mexican beauty v-logger who formulated some incredible beauty tutorials and gained prominent recognition on YouTube.

Her channel includes hair and makeup tutorials that are just awesome.

How did she become so famous just with some beauty lessons? I think there must be an X-factor as she got featured in Vogue and on Mexican TV!

Yuya 2 - getting fame through youtube

This is not all. Besides her beauty talks, she also spiced up her name by discussing many things about her daily life.

4. Samuel de Luque

Samuel de Luque - getting fame through youtube

Have you ever heard about Vegetta777?

Well, hats off to Samuel de Luque, whose voiceovers of gameplay videos for Saint’s Row, Battlefield and Minecraft became extremely popular right after their inception. This Spanish soul is known for producing some character histories in his video game tutorials which usually appear as a movie.

Samuel de Luque 2 - getting fame through youtube

I also watched his tutorials, they are unique, fast paced and engaging. If you are a real game player, then Vegetta777 is a must watch.

5. Justine Ezarik

Justine Ezarik - getting fame through youtube

Are you tech crazy?

If yes, then iJustine is a great pick for you. When bored, just watch it.

This phenomenal channel gained hype when a lady, Justine Ezarik made technology videos, particularly about Apple products. She also loves talking about the latest events and topics, showcasing her smart communication skills with an element of naturally created humor.

Justine Ezarik 2 - getting fame through youtube

Her short skits and music videos elaborate engaging messages, giving her sheer prominence on YouTube.

6. Evan

Evan - getting fame through youtube

Evan, a little kid from California, attracted millions of YouTube viewers to his channel, EvanTube. It is all about reviewing kids gaming, toys, science experiments, special effects and animation. His reviews are effective, worthy and entertaining. Wow!

Evan 2 - getting fame through youtube

A great achievement of his channel is the colossal viewers’ response. People are more interested in his reviews because they find them credible before making a toy purchase.

7. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles - getting fame through youtube

A 29 year old young and talented girl, Jenna Marbles gained attention on YouTube with her amazing vlogging. She covered real-life experiences in a humorous way and with her effective presentation skills.

Jenna Marbles 2 - getting fame through youtube

With 15 million subscribers, it is the 11th most subscribed channel on YouTube. Have you ever watched it?

YouTube’s usability via mobile device

YouTube receives more than half of its views from mobile devices. That means people are more inclined to use social media with their personal phones.

Did you know that an average YouTube viewing session on mobile is more than 40 minutes long? Yes, that’s true!


So, that is how YouTube makes stars overnight.

It is ranked as the second most usable search engine in the world, ahead of Bing and Yahoo. Day to day, it is increasingly converting potential viewers into subscribers.

So, do you have an idea for a YouTube channel? If yes, then why not get started?