Executives from all industries are working hard to master digital marketing trends including Social Media, E-commerce, Branded Content and Mobile. You won’t find any resource that effectively impact all these trends like YouTube. If you haven’t realized the importance of the biggest online video platform yet, here are five good reasons and three good examples across different industries to help you reconsider.

#1. Product and Brand Awareness

Recon Youtube Video
Recon’s Jet promo video reached over 10.000 views in three days.

In 2012, Worldwide B2C E-Commerce was estimated at over $1 Trillion Dollars, with online queries somehow relating to most of it. Google is of course the biggest search engine, but you may not know that YouTube alone have more traffic than Bing and Yahoo! together. Online video is a huge opportunity to score a positive first impression. As people look for product features, reviews and instructional videos, having a clear, straightforward message from the brand is key in the decision-making process.

#2. Do Not Disturb

TV commercials are based on an interruptive approach. During show breaks, viewers redirect their attention to something else (PCs, tablets, smartphones), tuning out Ad messages.YouTube’s audience is actively looking for something. Creating relevant content puts your brand in the spotlight. By offering answers to real-life questions, you can satisfy people interested in what you have to say, when and where they want, in a friendlier and less invasive way, building a dialogue instead of forcing a hard sale. ComScore Reports suggest that consumers find online videos 38% more memorable than traditional TV ads.

Nearly 1.9 million views on Viss' YouTube  Channel boosts the brand on Search pages with video often showing of the top results.
Nearly 1.9 mi views on Viss’ Channel boosts the brand on Search results pages with video often showing of the top results.

#3. Improve your SEO and Website traffic

Relying only on Keywords and meta tags for SEO is dead and buried in the past. As Search Engines evolved to offer more relevant results, engagement on YouTube becomes a positive social sign indicating how your brand is interesting to the audience. Linking a Channel to your homepage gives search engines information about what people talk about you. Optimized videos go beyond the walls of YouTube, appearing in results pages in Google,Bing and Yahoo!, enhancing organic exposure and promoting your site.

#4. Engaging and Shareable

YouTube has all the features of social media, allowing users to subscribe, comment, like and share content, making it as interactive and engaging as Facebook, Twitter or other networks. It’s an amazing tool to build community, driving engagement across multiple platforms by allowing videos to be embedded and wide spread. Make good use of analytics, learn from your most engaging videos, reply to comments and to questions – since building loyalty among current customers is as important as getting new ones.

#5. Fight your competitors

Netgear Product Animations are often recommended by YouTube after other brands product reviews.
Netgear product Animations are often recommended by YouTube after related brands product reviews.

Even when someone searches for your competitors, at the end of each video, YouTube displays similar or correlated content. Depending on the used search terms, related videos are your chance to put your brand in contact with prospects before they decide on other companies. Part of the Purchase Funnel is the consideration and comparison among brands – and that is the right time to promote your strengths and advantages.

Example 3: The Animation we created for NETGEAR is often recommended by YouTube after other brands reviews.

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