Eccentric YouTubersThe Internet doesn’t discriminate. It is an accurate reflection of the diversity in the real world and as such you can find anything about anything via a search engine. YouTube is one of the best examples of the diversity of content on the Internet. You can find videos about anything from how-to tie a tie all the way to professionally produced movies. The reach of YouTube allows video-makers with very specific interests to find their audience.

In this article I am going to share some examples of eccentric YouTubers who have a niche, or theme, that has enabled them to reach a global audience of like minded people and achieve business success on YouTube.

Profile 1 – VeryPink Knits

YouTube channel:
Subscribers: 69,554
Views to date: 10,889,620
Joined YouTube: August 2009

VeryPink Knits started using YouTube as a way to supplement the classes that owner, Staci Perry was delivering. She didn’t set out with the intention to make money from YouTube.

VeryPink Knits have cottoned on (excuse the pun) to the fact that publishing regular video is essential. It keeps them at the top of search engine rankings.

The worldwide knitting community is massive. YouTube has allowed VeryPink Knits to expand it’s reach from a very niche, local audience, to a worldwide fan base.

Here is an example of a recent video from VeryPink Knits to give you a sense of their content and what they are offering the knitting community:

Profile 2 – Rokenbok Toys

YouTube channel:
Subscribers: 16,801
Views to date: 24,701,203
Joined YouTube: July 2006

Rokenbok is a unique construction and remote control toy system that teaches problem solving, critical thinking and engineering skills.

The company was founded in 1995 with a goal to create a new type of building system for children. In the early days, Rokenbok relied on play stations in toy stores to demonstrate their products to audiences. As the physical toy store industry has collapsed, so did Rokenbok’s ability to show their goods.

Video became an obvious solution to their problems and YouTube has solved their problems. ‘Rokenbok Adventures’ are short three-four minute videos which tell stories – they are extremely popular and are an example of how Rokenbok has identified the full potential of online video and their audience and have ran with it (entertainment + product demonstration = views + sales!).

See a Rokenbok Adventure Video here to understand what all the fuss is about:

Profile 3 – PrankVsPrank

YouTube channel:
Subscribers: 4,639,922
Views to date: 628,052,167
Joined YouTube: November 2009

PrankvsPrank (PVP) was created, as a YouTube channel, by a couple (Jesse and Jeana) in 2007. The channel consists of videos of pranks that the couple play on each other. Each video essentially consists of the planning, execution and aftermath of the pranks that they subject each other to. With nearly five million subscribers, it is an extremely successful YouTube channel – the 628 million (plus) views say it all.

The key to their success has been in finding a theme which is universal in it’s appeal thanks to the emphasis on humour and relationships. Also, given that they are documenting a ‘battle’ as such, there is a wider story being developed than the ones that are featured in each individual video alone.

Justin Bieber’s mum posted videos of him on YouTube, which contributed to his unstoppable climb into the music industry and the chart tables. In his current state, I am not sure if this is encouraging or not. But either way, enjoy the innocence of Bieber pre-fame below: