With over four billion views every single day, YouTube is the most watched video site in the history of the Internet. Businesses have taken to YouTube to leverage this massive audience to promote their services.

According to a 2013 Content Marketing Benchmarks report, over 70% of businesses use videos to market and increase exposure. Videos have also been shown to be five times more productive in reaching new customers than traditional content alone. A staggering 90% of customers will make purchasing decisions after viewing a video online.

Backed by the world’s largest search engine, Google, YouTube presents a lot of ways for you to grow your business.

  1. Visual Get More Customers. Content plays an important role in marketing your business, but people are visual creatures. Using engaging videos appeals to the passive learning aspect of human behavior and appeals to our visual nature.
  2. Testimonials & Tutorials. Great company videos are share information and resources on how your products and services perform, but they also include testimonials from other customers. Video testimonials make these accounts much more tangible and can have a profound effect on prospects.
  3. Using Playlists. Playlists allow you create lists of videos that viewers can way in a series. This is a great way to organize related content, guide users through a series of tutorials, or present a series of testimonials.
  4. Comments & Feedback. YouTube also has a commenting system that lets people post feedback on your videos. This provides an opportunity to interact with potential customers, and alleviate concerns and questions off the bat.
  5. Video Social Network. Although YouTube is a video website, it is also a social networking website. It provides the ability for users to interact and engage with your brand, and for you to build a following of users.
  6. YouTube Ads. There are also paid options available for advertising on YouTube. By leveraging YouTube ads you can budget the money needed to get some traction in the early stages, or to provide a powerful boost for a more mature profile.
  7. Customization. YouTube also provides a range of options for customizing your channel so that you can integrate your branding with your YouTube profile.
  8. SEO. YouTube lets you control the title and description of your videos. These videos will come up in Google searches and give you control over the keywords and phrases you could get listed for.
  9. Sneak Peaks. A sneak peak video is a way to give customers and fans a preliminary look at upcoming products or services and get them excited about future releases.
  10. Regularity. It’s important to post regularly, as with any other social network. Consistency is key when building up a YouTube channel.

YouTube has proven itself to be a powerful online marketing tool for business, and when used correctly it can help you establish a following, and trigger viral videos and content that can greatly benefit your brand.