zoiro denin

Remember those hoardings all over the city featuring a guy in Denim briefs? Well, that’s the Zoiro man promoting Denin, denim intimates for men from Zoiro, the designer innerwear brand for men. And, today the innerwear brand is out with an exciting online campaign at ‘Dont Stop Denim’.

The campaign gives fans the power to keep the Zoiro man in his Denin underwear for the whole day by throwing challenges for him. Make him do the salsa, propose to the chair, dance like a robot, or sing a funny song and the Zoiro man would oblige.

One has to use the hashtag #DontStopDenim in their challenge tweets. And, remember..the Zoiro Denin guy will start wearing his clothes if there aren’t any challenges in #DontStopDenim. But, of course, that hasn’t happened because he looks so comfortable in his denim briefs!

The 24-hour campaign has an iPad Mini and many other prizes to give away every hour.



The very talented VJ Manish, as the Zoiro Denin guy has been accepting all kinds of crazy challenges since the morning. You can watch him live at the ‘Don’t Stop Denim’ website after logging in with your Facebook or Twitter id. On the left bottom is the time lapsed and the right bottom shows the remaining time. Right now, there are 9 hours remaining to this live campaign and he is gone for a break. The number of tweets or Facebook posts made is given at the top right corner, while the live tweets flash at the bottom.

I’ve been watching him do a yoga asana, sing the ‘Meri Jaan’ song, act like a British spy, do kung fu, talk in tapori Hindi and whatnot, all the while dressed in his Denin underwear. At one time in the morning, he did wear his jeans as there weren’t any challenges in the Twitter stream. In this screenshot, he’s been enacting an Indian ‘bahu’.

Here’s a look at some of the crazy challenges waiting for him:

The campaign was promoted a few days ago with a video shared on the Zoiro’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The Zoiro guy tells you not to tweet with #DontStopDenim if we do not want to see him in his Denin underwear. While the campaign is on right now, the hourly winners are being announced on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter page.

Creative use of digital & social media

When you tell someone not to do something, they are even more tempted to do it. Zoiro’s #DontStopDenim campaign is built on the same premise, where the brand gets users to actually tweet with the hashtag. It’s been 18 hours to the campaign and the hashtag has been trending in Mumbai.

Moreover, the idea of a website and live interaction through social media is an impressive one. Tangible incentives for the users and the fun interaction created by the talented VJ Manish, has made the campaign worthwhile. Quite an interesting concept to promote the Denin brand as something so comfortable, that a man could be wearing only a Zoiro Denin the entire day and not feel under-dressed!

What do you think about #DontStopDenim? Hope you’ve thrown a few challenges at the Denin guy.