Did Yahoo’s new logo after a month long extensive re-design exercise disappoint you? Yes? Then here is something to cheer about, the tech company has published its first global transparency report detailing the number of government requests for user data throughout the first six months of 2013, reports TNW.

Overall, governments from 17 countries listed in the report sent Yahoo 29,470 requests for data related to 62,775 accounts. The U.S. government leads the race, with 12,444 requests impacting 40,322 users. US is followed by countries like Germany (4,295), Italy (2,637), Taiwan (1,942), France (1,855) and the UK (2,832).

For U.S. requests, Yahoo disclosed non-content data such as basic subscriber information which includes alternate e-mail address, name, location, and IP address, etc. for 6,798 requests (55%), content for 4,604 requests (37%) that would mean include words in a communication (e.g., Mail or Messenger), photos on Flickr, files uploaded, etc. and found no data in 801 requests (6%). Besides, Yahoo rejected 241 requests (2%) from the US.

Highlighting the seriousness of Yahoo about user privacy, Ron Bell, General Counsel, Yahoo shared that the total requests covered less than one-hundredth of one percent (