Women’s rights will once again take centrestage with International Women’s Day. While the day commemorates women’s rights for equality, a brand has taken the lighter road to celebrate Women’s day back home. Godrej, the makers of everything you would need at home, have created a virtual space only for women called “Dance to my tune”.

Claiming to be the world’s first women only web experience, “Dance to my tune”, as the name suggests, gives women immense joy in seeing their men working around the house, even if it is only virtual. Women can get their men to do anything – clean the house, whip up a meal, do the laundry, do something romantic and look sharp, while they just sit on the couch decked up in a leather suit and poke fun. And, as the site claims, men aren’t entitled to the same joy – they can only watch other men dancing to their women’s tunes!

Dance To My Tune

If you buy the idea, just like I did, the site to visit this Women’s Day is ‘Dance to my tune‘; even if it is only virtual, I had great fun getting my husband to dance around the home while he was cooking, cleaning, and doing up the laundry. Log in through Facebook at the site and upload a picture of you and your man.

You can upload a photograph from your system or select from your Facebook photos, or click a new one from the webcam option. You need to fix it in place using zoom and rotate options. After both pictures are placed in the cutout, select the chore you want done and wait for the video to get ready. This takes ages, but the wait is worth it!


Once your video is ready, play it, sit back and enjoy. You can have more fun by changing through the tasks. That’s me smiling away, sitting on the couch in this screenshot. Incidentally, the appliances, the furniture and most products shown in the videos are from Godrej, the couch I’m sitting on is an Interio plug-in, a lounge mattress in built with a woofer sound system, a reading light, a phone jack and electric sockets.

The Godrej products in the video also star in a list beside. While ‘do the laundry’ displays you the brand’s washing machine and bathing/washing products, ‘do something romantic’ displays the Interio Carbon bed, the green balance AC among other brand products. These are displayed as links to the product website, which provides complete information.

Also, the site features social sharing buttons to share the video with your connections. Other videos can be watched in the gallery.

I tried logging in using my man’s Facebook login, but all he could do was watch the videos in the gallery. The site flashed a message, “Hey Man, Your Y chromosome disqualifies you from entering this website”.

The site has been shared on the brand’s ‘Zindagi Muskuraye’ Facebook page beginning with teaser updates a few days prior. The Twitter page has been encouraging women to visit the site. Users can also send the two pictures to the Twitter handle and get their videos using the hashtag #DanceToMyTune.

Fun product promotions on Women’s Day

‘Dance To My Tune’ is a cool campaign for Women’s Day, although it doesn’t really do much for their rights or empower them, it does manage to make you laugh watching your man dance to your tunes. Product placements in the videos is a good idea, one that showcases the range of products from Godrej while also highlighting the usage.

The virtual experience is a smooth and pleasant one, as the website has been designed well and also works without glitches. Only the video takes too long to load once you have supplied it with required inputs. Further, the idea of social sharing buttons will only add to the visibility, coupled with the promotions on Twitter and Facebook.

Last IPL season, Godrej used storytelling to introduce its new range of products for a brighter living. Actor Aamir Khan played a woman who was explained about the various products by his neighbour, during their chats. The products were cleverly weaved into the stories. ‘Dance to my tune’ has taken it a step further. I quite liked the campaign, it did weave in some cool fun with promotions.