Telecom major Vodafone India rolled out the latest TVC from its ‘Made for…’ series called ‘Made for Videos’ last December. After kicking off in August 2013 with ‘First Love’, ‘Made for moms’, ‘Made for young’ and the very popular ‘Made for sharing’, the ‘Made for Videos’ ad film was created to highlight Vodafone’s 24×7 video streaming capabilities. And, once again it has captured young emotions with the concept of a date.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, the ad features a young Indian boy preparing for his date with a Japanese girl, by learning her language through video tutorials on his mobile. He is seen learning and practising basic Japanese sentences like ‘I understand Japanese a little’ and the likes, all throughout his journey – in the streets, in the cab, and in the restaurant.

When the Japanese girl finally meets up at his table, he tries to impress her by bowing down as per Japanese customs but turns over the table instead. Though embarrassed, he manages to bow down and speak some more Japanese lines. To which, she starts laughing and asks him if he’s okay, in English!

The 53-second ad film that was uploaded on Vodafone’s YouTube channel on December 17, 2013, has received over 81K views till date. However, the 31-second shorter version uploaded on January 2, 2014 has crossed over 1.36 million views till date. Here’s the video:

Stats on YouTube videos

The 31-second ad film uploaded on the 2nd of January has crossed over a million views as mentioned earlier. In the last 20 days, the video seems to have been pushed probably as ads embedded on YouTube videos or promoted through social networks. It has picked up views from the 7th of January, as can be seen in this graph by social media monitoring tool, Unmetric for the period Jan 2, 2014 to Jan 20, 2014.

Vodafone_India_madefor videos ad stats unmetric

Understandably, the Vodafone India YouTube channel has gained 552 new subscribers in the same period and has shown a higher growth rate than the average Telecom Services YouTube channel, as per Unmetric stats. In terms of video views too, the channel has shown a higher growth rate (4.4%) than the average Telecom Services YouTube channel (0.45%).

Buzz on social

The ad video was shared with the Facebook community of Vodafone India comprising of over 832K fans. The Facebook page also dons a brand new cover photo inspired from the ad – the boy is learning more Japanese while holding chopsticks in one hand and his mobile in the other. The text reads as ‘made for learning’.

In addition, the Vodafone India Twitter page has also been quite active in promoting the ad with its followers and engaging them with the central theme. Along with sharing the ad video, tweets invited users to participate in conversations using the campaign hashtag #MadeFor.

How many Japanese phrases can you find in our new ad? Watch it and tell us using #MadeFor http://t.co/eqsAWaiJ7l

— Vodafone India (@VodafoneIN) January 11, 2014

He learned an all new language to impress her. What would’ve you done? Watch our new ad and tell us using #MadeFor. http://t.co/qoJUE6KZ4v

— Vodafone India (@VodafoneIN) January 14, 2014

He greets his new friend with Hajimemashite. Find out what it means and watch our new ad here: http://t.co/AVrgefccmM

— Vodafone India (@VodafoneIN) January 13, 2014

Here’s the frequency of hashtags on Vodafone India’s Twitter page in the last 20 days, where we can see the focus of conversations being mixed. Along with #MadeFor, there’s also buzz for #MadeForBengaluru – tweets promoting Bengaluru cycling marathon as part of the telecom service provider’s foray into going green.


Be it for the social media push or the theme of a date laced with humour, the Made for videos’ ad has found a connect with the young online masses. Vodafone India has got its equation right if not its data plans!