Last month in December, Titan Watches created quite an emotional stir with its ‘Joy of Gifting’ ad in the online world. Extending its brand proposition ‘The joy of gifting’, the commercial sought to return to the signature tune of Titan Watches and strengthen the brand’s association with gifting around a simple theme – the farewell gift.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, the ad film features a college classroom packed with students and an endearing aged professor writing away on the blackboard. Small groups of students begin to start thumping on their desks and making sounds creatively, while some of them stand up to hum a tune that eventually starts to reveal as the Titan signature tune.

The whole class joins in along with other professors, much to the surprise of the bewildered professor. He is then presented with a book labelled “Farewell Prof” with messages from his students. Quite overcome with emotion, he flips the page to find a Titan watch stored in a recess within the book. There is a ‘thank you sir’ written beside too.

Social media buzz

Uploaded on the 9th of December, 2013 on Titan’s YouTube channel, the 70-second ad film has taken a steady upward path to garner more than 160K views in this one month duration. The channel has also experienced a decent growth in terms of subscribers. As per social media benchmarking tool, Unmetric, the channel has gained 181 new subscribers in the said period, which reflects a higher growth rate (26.8%) than the average retail chains YouTube channel (7.1%).

Here’s an Unmetric graph displaying the steady growth in views received by the ad:

Titan Joy of giving unmetric data

Buzz reflected on Twitter too. Here’s the Unmetric graph displaying the frequency of hashtags on the brand’s Twitter page. Conversations have been ruled by #TitanJoyofGifting followed by #TitanJoyofMusic, both of which involved contests.


‘Joy of Gifting’ leverages social

The ad is also being pushed organically through social networks while emphasizing around the key message – joy of gifting. With the aim to involve people through social media, Titan launched quite a few interesting activities where people could associate themselves with the Titan signature tune.

A link has been featured on the YouTube ad video that leads to a contest hosted on the Joy of gifting website. Viewers have been invited to share their very own version of the Titan tune. They can either whistle or hum or play it on a piano, while they record and share it on the site powered by Facebook and Twitter logins. The website also features a gallery with the user entries along with buttons to play and vote for them.

On Twitter, the brand encouraged users to participate through the #TitanJoyofGifting contest. One had to share their idea of the perfect gift and the most moving gift ideas stood the chance to win a Titan watch themselves. This has been followed up with the #TitanJoyofMusic contest, that encouraged Twitter users to visit the website and upload their own versions of the Titan tune.

The season to gift never ends. Let us know your idea of the perfect gift and we may have one for you! #TitanJoyOfGifting

— Titan Watches India (@titanbemore) December 27, 2013

Feel like your humming goes unappreciated? Hum the Titan tune and upload it for us to hear! We promise to appreciate! http://t.co/Y7uHuRT7QA

— Titan Watches India (@titanbemore) December 28, 2013

Similar content has been shared on the 1.7 million fans strong Titan Facebook page.

Well timed around the holidays and the wedding season, the Titan Joy of Gifting ad has managed to create a place in our hearts when it comes to the perfect gift. Moreover, the hero of the ad seems to be the Titan tune and this has been well stressed upon with the joy of music contest. Social media platforms have been leveraged well to enable the community to be a part of the Titan tune and set the stage for further brand communication.