titan skinn FB cover photo

Created by the best French perfumers using the finest exotic ingredients, Skinn by Titan captures the ultimate sensuality in a bottle. The exclusive range of French fragrances for men and women, has recently launched two TV commercials, the first for the perfume brand and a campaign to spread the sensuality on social. Though the commercials talk about passion, as all perfume ad films do, the approach here is quite dramatic.

The central idea common to both the ads is seduction with the power of fragrance. A man and a woman cross each other’s paths but are left with a burning desire soon after they have had a whiff of the perfume. Here, seduction has been portrayed quite graphically with dilating pupils, heartbeats getting faster, rising goosebumps, right upto the effect on the neurons. Skinn seems to have ignited the latent sensuality in an individual.

The TVC for women uploaded a week ago on Skinn Titan’s YouTube channel has fetched over 3K views, while the TVC for men uploaded 2 days ago has garnered more than 400 views already. The ad videos have been pushed organically through the social media platforms of Skinn.

For a new perfume on the shelf, Skinn has been leveraging social to get the word out, but the perfume brand hasn’t gone all out on social media. Both the TVCs have been shared on the Facebook and Twitter pages of the brand by encouraging fans to watch how passion is ignited. Twitter has been active with product related contests where winners got vials of the perfume. Interestingly, Skinn has a page on photo curation network, Pinterest too. There are two boards, one each for men and women.

Post the grand launch last year at the iconic Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, Skinn has come a long way with its first TVC this year. Besides, the brand’s social networks have started connecting and engaging with the social savvy generation. 2014 started with asking fans to take new year pledges at Skinn-resolutions. Apparently, the year seems to be a promising one for Skinn!