The Information and Broadcasting (I&B) has finally got a new “Social Media Wing”, reports NDTV. The government has finally approved a new social media wing that will counter campaigns that have gone viral or being talked upon social media platforms. The job would be to clear the government’s stand on various matters.

Manish Tewari I&B Social media Wing

It is being said that the new wing will collate information from all the different departments of the government and respond to trends on social media by countering misinformation. The move attempts to uplift the government’s image on the medium before the upcoming general elections in 2014.

Beside this the wing would also be pushing exclusive content designed for social networks like – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. However, I&B Minister Manish Tewari has confirmed that the new wing won’t be monitoring or censoring social media.

“With all due regards, the Internet is the largest space in experiments that’s completely ungoverned. But it is also most democratic, so we wanted an institutional response,” he added.

Bad things spread fast and the UPA government’s reputation on social media hasn’t been that good. The new wing will definitely help but the same objective could be handled by the existing social media accounts of the government.

In fact the proposal for the new wing had faced road blocks initially from The Planning Commission on the same grounds. The Planning Commission had questioned the move since there is already an existing Press Information Bureau (PIB).

It was also expressed that PIB is better equipped to handle social media and different departments have their own social media cells. The creation of another cell would lead to more costs and the commission had questioned the scheme since most of the ministers have their own social media cells.

However, Tewari has clarified that the creation of the new wing wouldn’t involve any additional finances or manpower. He shared that young officers of the Indian Information service who are familiar with technology would be selected for the job.

It would be interesting to see how the new wing performs since the government has been on the back foot while counter attacking on social media.

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