Mufflerman Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi, India’s capital is once again dancing to the tunes of re-election. After eight months of suspense over the fate of the Delhi assembly, the government ended up with the capital heading for fresh elections. While the dates are not out yet, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is already mobilising efforts for door to door campaign along with other mediums which include social media too.

But times have changed after AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal resigned from the CM’s seat after a short stint of only 49 days. Additionally, the party faced a complete white wash in the recent general elections which was a majority sweep by BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the current PM of India.

The party is trying hard to restore the lost faith in AAP. While it plans to venture on a door to door campaign, on social media it has launched #Mufflerman. AAP does say that it is the fans who have started the trend on Twitter for the last few days.

Last year we had seen Arvind wearing a muffler most of the time and his constant coughing bouts. Taking inspiration from this, AAP fans are trying to brand him as the #mufflerman who is returning with the intention to eradicate corruption. While it has been trending on Twitter, the move has also become a joke, just like the party’s recent website goof up of Modi as a PM and Arvind as a CM.

ET says that AAP may still have some appeal among slum dwellers, who account for about a fifth of the total voters in Delhi. While it’s too early to seal the fate of AAP in Delhi, the below 10 memes seals the fact that #Mufflerman isn’t doing any good for AAP.

1. Muffler man returns after 49 days of glory

AAP Delhi #Muflerman

2. Terror of muffler man continues

Terror mufflerman

3. The super hero muffler man

superhero mufflerman

4. Muffler man comes with a promise of free wi-fi

mufflerman wifi

5. Muffler man anti corruption crusader with his mate


6. No it’s not a bird, it is not a plane, it’s muffler man

Mufflerman returns

7. Will he bat for the right issues

Mufflerman Twitter

8. At streets near you

streets near you

9. The fear factor for the corrupts


10. A look that needs no comments

Mufflerman social media

Header image credit: Dawn