If you are Hong-Kong Based marketer or you plan to penetrate that market soon and you feel that social media will form a critical part of your marketing plan, the latest social media statistics in Hong-Kong is what you need. Thank God, Go-Globe has compiled them into a comparative infographic that will give you a better understanding of the social landscape of the city. You are about to learn why social media is huge in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong does not just boast some of the fastest internet speed in the world; its smartphone penetration rate stands at an impressive 63%.It can be said that the explosion of social media and mobile usage in Hong Kong is because the city has developed into a powerful startup and tech hub in the past few years. This can be attributed to the sophisticated telecommunications infrastructural development, which has made it possible for Hong Kong to experience the highest internet speeds in the world. As a matter of fact, 90% of all households in Hong Kong are connected to the internet. With the online population standing at 4.3 million, the penetration rate is at 83%, the highest in the world.

96% of those smartphone users access the internet daily via mobile devices. 64% of the total population in Hong Kong is in social media, with Facebook boasting a mouthwatering 4.4 million users. This represents more than 50% of the total population. Another interesting statistic is that 44% of Facebook users say Facebook is their first point of contact when it comes to reading breaking news. Consequently, Hong Kong businesses are taking advantage of social media as a means of reaching the customers.

The daily Facebook users of 3.1 million people represent more than 70% of the total Facebook users. Daily Facebook users spend an average of 30 minutes on the network each time they login. According to Social Bakers, the average internet user watches 147 videos per month, which averages 12 hours per month. The stats also indicate that traditional Chinese (HK) is the top language (36%) being used in social media followed by English (29%) and traditional Chinese (TW) at 26%.

The top three most active social media platforms include Whatsapp (41%), Facebook (33%) and Facebook Messenger (23%). SinaWeibo, which is a crowd favorite network used by many of the region’s celebrities to connect with their fans is the least active at 6%. Others are Wechat (23%), Line (14%), Skype (13%), Google + (12%), Instagram (11% ), and Twitter (10%). The bulk of social media users fall between the 18 and 65 age bracket. Male constitutes 52% and female 48% of social media users in Hong Kong.

It is worth mentioning here that marketers and industry analysts agree that there is a lot of potential in terms of social media penetration in Hong Kong. There is certainly a lot of ground that needs to be covered because majority of social media users in Hong Kong are passive consumers of information.

In other words, they are not creators of information, but consumers. For instance, many Hong Kong social media users prefer to use the social media to keep relationships than to build and network. Hong Kong enjoys vigorous media reporting because the residents have vast appetite for news. What is the point of this? This is important to marketers and industry leaders as it will give them the right direction whenever they want to use social media for their outreach activities.

Another key take-home point is that Hong Kong bloggers, marketers and business owners should understand that majority of people in Hong Kong access internet or social media through mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to design their messages in such a way it is mobile responsive. Studies show that 70% of mobile users say they are likely to visit a site again if the site displays well on their mobile phones. The case is no different with social media. A

Therefore, as you plan to reach your Hong Kong customers through social media, you should be aware of the fact that optimizing your pages for mobile viewing is critical. Moreover, understanding their culture is also important.

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