Star Movies Action has chosen to premiere superhero film ‘Iron Man 3’ for the Republic Day weekend this Sunday on 26th January, 2014. Starring actor Robert Downey, Jr as Tony Stark, the man behind the iron armour, the sequel movie sees him discovering himself, while fighting against a terrorist organization. Set to be telecast at 1 pm and 8 pm on Sunday, the channel for action movies has ensured maximum viewers for the weekend action movie, with the help of contests through its social media platforms.

While fans can win daily ‘Iron Man’ hampers at the microsite, the one fan – the ‘#UltimateIronManFan’ to answer the question flashed during the premiere wins the grand prize of an LCD television!

#UltimateIronManFan on social

In the microsite (image shown above), Star Movies Action has also provided fans with information about the movie story, cast, videos and wallpapers in addition to the #UltimateIronManFan challenge. You click on play to begin with the challenge that has 5 multiple choice questions related to the action movie. At the end, you need to submit personal details like name, email, phone and date of birth, to stand a chance to win the hamper and perhaps the LCD TV.

The microsite has also integrated social by adding the Facebook and Twitter pages of the channel. Besides, after submission in the UltimateIronManFan challenge, one has the option to share the challenge with their social connections on Facebook and Twitter. Another feature to ensure fans don’t miss the movie is the missed call reminder service. A prominent number featured on the microsite plans to remind fans to watch the movie.

Star_movies_action_iron_man3 cover

While an Iron Man figurine has been touring various popular places in cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, for fans to click images with, the channel’s Facebook page has been sharing these fan photos in an album. In fact, the wall has been on an extensive promotional spree for the movie. Iron Man 3 features in the new cover photo as well as most of the wall updates of the last week.

Along with Facebook, the channel’s Twitter page is also occupied in promoting the microsite. Conversations have been grouped around the hashtag #UltimateIronManFan. Following the Twitter stream of the channel, I came across a few fans who have won movie merchandise and have been tweeting images of it. The channel has made sure to retweet this.

Play the #UltimateIronManFan challenge to win ‘Daily’ #IronMan3 hampers or the Grand Prize, LCD TV:

— Star Movies Action (@StarMoviesAct) January 22, 2014

Thank you muchly for this KICKASS #Ironman hoodie. It is currently relaxing with a cup of coffee @StarMoviesAct

— Aditi Mittal (@awryaditi) January 22, 2014

Maximizing viewership for TV premieres

The trend that started last year by Indian television channels seems to be working for them. Premiering a box-office hit movie on special weekends is usually accompanied by a microsite-enabled contest, the core of which ensures maximum viewership as the last question is flashed only during the premiere. With #UltimateIronManFan campaign on social, Star Movies Action has managed to also bridge the online-offline gap along with maximizing the premiere viewership.

The channel’s social platforms have also been leveraged well to drive traffic to the microsite. Relevant contest, cool incentives and a clever concept make the #UltimateIronManFan a good campaign, what do you think?