Good Deed marathon

It’s that time of the year when Mumbai will begin to experience the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, the city’s annual marathon that sees hordes of participants running for various social causes. As the city is gearing up for the Mumbai Marathon, this time the bank wants to make it THE Mumbai Marathon, where every single person in the city is given a chance to interact with the Marathon and not just restrict it to the runners.

For this, Stanchart has partnered with digital agency Flying Cursor to create a one-of-its-kind engagement campaign across offline and online, with a series of activities that stand true to the bank’s promise, ‘Here for good’. The first was First Push where people were given a chance to do something precious for someone they cared about. It gave them a chance to get them on the path to fitness and health.

Taking the concept of doing good further, Stanchart is all set to launch The Good Deed Marathon – a marathon that doesn’t need shoes or stamina, but a heart. The idea is to start a movement that will make Mumbai smile, one good deed at a time. Beginning 5th December, The Good Deed Marathon will capture, document and showcase all the good that Mumbai does.

The Good Deed Marathon on social

To be launched on the 5th of December, the Good Deed Marathon is being promoted on radio and cinema apart from social media. Fans are being geared up via various social platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram with a number of coming soon updates. A coming soon app on the Standard Chartered Facebook page encapsulates all that is in store.


The Facebook app features the coming soon film that introduces the concept of one good deed. Interestingly, this film is also being screened at PVR Cinemas.

The Good Deed Marathon also has an account on Instagram, the photo-sharing network that enables you to share your pictures on the go. Apart from crowdsourced pictures of good deeds, the account also ran an engaging contest #InstaGoodDeed that helped grow its follower base. One had to post pictures of anything that made their day using the hashtag #InstaGoodDeed on Instagram and follow the account. These were then judged by five influential Instagrammers in the city, to find the best good deed winning picture for ten days. The Instagram account is currently 288 followers strong.

The Stanchart Facebook page with 155K+ fans, along with the Instagram account and the YouTube film have been driving fans to the Facebook app.

Spreading goodness and bonding for good

Aligned with the bank’s philosophy ‘Here for good’, the Good Deed Marathon indeed helps spread the goodness in the city ahead of the Mumbai Marathon. Showcasing all that is good in the city is a positive way to go about brand building for the long term. Also, it is good to see the use of an emerging social platform like Instagram for the Good Deed Marathon. Contests like #InstaGoodDeed have ensured a good follower base to start with, apart from being a decent engagement activity.

Standard Chartered seems all set for the big day tomorrow. Stay tuned as we bring more from the Good Deed Marathon and don’t forget to be a part of this movement.