Spice Mobiles, the devices business of Spice Retail is one of the fastest growing mobile internet devices company in India. With a customer base of over 20 million and an annual volume of over 8 million devices, Spice Mobiles enjoys a market share of nearly 4-5% of the Indian mobile devices market.

With a brand ideology that seeks to be the catalyst enabling the common man in believing in their abilities, keeping pace with the social change through technology, Spice has been the bridge connecting the small town aspirations with big dreams. Taking this message to the masses in smaller towns, Spice Mobiles has launched a week long campaign called ‘Spice Milaye Sapnon Se’.

Spice Milaye Sapnon se

As a part of this brand campaign, Spice has launched a series of digital activities starting with the ‘Spice Milaye Sapnon se’ contest hosted on a specially created microsite. Designed by digital agency IBS, this unique digital initiative serves as a platform for people to share their dreams with the world through creating the World’s Biggest Dream Tree.

And there are exciting prizes for sharing your dreams. Daily winners will get a Spice Stellar Mettle Icon (Mi-506) smartphone, while a grand prize winner at the end of the contest will take home the dream prize package of 5 Spice smartphones and 5 headphones.

To share your dreams and add your name to the World’s Biggest Dream Tree, login with your Facebook id at the microsite. Authenticate the app to access your Facebook data and put a post on your Facebook wall. It displays your Facebook friends who have added their dreams. Keep scrolling till you reach the top of the tree. Click ‘Submit dream’ and share your dream in the box provided.

Invite your friends and family to vote for your dream at the microsite. They can find your dream by searching for your name and voting for it. Your dreams will be added to the World’s Biggest Dream Tree after moderation.

The leaderboard displays the highest voted dreams, while the counter displays the number of people who have added their dreams. At present, the counter reflects 1200 dreamers; one can find them in the leaves of the virtual Dream Tree.

The initiative has been leveraging the brand’s Facebook and Twitter platforms to spread about the contest. The 836K strong fan base at Spice Facebook page have been invited with visuals of the prizes and contest details. Besides, the daily winners are being announced on the wall with the help of visuals displaying their picture and dream. Similar Twitter updates have been shared too, along with the campaign hashtag #MilayeSapnonSe.

Connecting with the target group

Spice’s ‘Milaye Sapnon Se‘ campaign has been launched at the right time. The last quarter of 2013 saw India in the fastest growing smartphone markets of the world, as revealed by research firm Gartner. Targeting the large market segment from the Tier-II and Tier-III cities, the campaign is well aligned with the brand’s philosophy of bridging small town aspirations with big dreams.

Moreover, the digital initiative coupled with the reach of social media, will help Spice reach out to the right demographic it caters to – the young, tech- and social-savvy small town youth. The Dream tree has a cool design, social spreading features and works smooth too. The campaign has been designed in keeping with these needs of giving wings to small town aspirations.

‘Spice Milaye Sapnon Se’ is a well aligned, neatly designed and targeted campaign for a brand that is swiftly trying to capture a bigger pie in the Indian mobile devices market.