Tata Capital’s Half Stories initiative has scripted yet another happy ending at Rishikesh. A carpenter who took on to his passion of making musical instruments like the didgeridoo, has been presented with the required tools that will help save many days of hard labour, with the help of contributions through social media.

The Tata Capital team of Do righters identify unique stories of courage, perseverance and survival from the remotest corners of our country, and share them through pictures and videos on social media where one can contribute towards a happy ending to the ‘Half Story’. The journey that commenced from Dharamshala had chanced upon a passionate story of a carpenter at Rishikesh, the spiritual town on the banks of the Ganges.

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Half Stories: a carpenter’s dreams are kept alive

A carpenter by profession meets an Australian tourist who introduces him to the Didgeridoo, the world’s oldest wind instrument and also the traditional musical instrument of the Australian aboriginals. The chance encounter gets Mukesh Dhiman, the carpenter to dedicate his whole life to making Didgeridoos and playing them too. Such has been his love and passion that he can’t sleep a day without playing it. In the last 30 years, along with didgeridoos, he has also mastered the art of making Djembes, African percussion instruments, from an African tourist.

Supported by his three sons and wife, the family works with their bare hands and basic tools to make the instrument. It takes over 8 days to craft each Didgeridoo with the 4 member family making less than Rs. 100 per head per day.

The Do Righters team decided to support his passion by providing him with a set of electrical tools for cutting and polishing that summed up to a cost of Rs. 9000. Pictures and videos of his half story were shared through the social media platforms of the Do right initiative. Contributions poured in, with the help of which Mukesh Dhiman was presented not only the tools but also the means of keeping his dreams alive.

Spreading the word via Social Media

Ever since the beginning of the journey, each of the ‘Half Stories’ have been shared on the social media platforms of the initiative. One can follow the Do Right website as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages to follow the journey. Photographs and experiences at Rishikesh have been shared with the 262K strong Facebook fan base. The page has also been updated with a cover photo and a wall update announcing the completion of Mukesh’s Half Story.

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With Half Stories, Tata Capital has successfully leveraged the power of social media for its reach and storytelling abilities yet again. Sharing stories with the help of images and videos on social media, has helped script happy endings to many half stories in the brand’s journey of doing right. In addition, the initiative also helps in strengthening the brand’s philosophy of ‘We only do what’s right for you’, thereby gaining consumer trust – a crucial factor especially in the finance sector.

Stay tuned as we bring you more half stories from the journey of doing right all the way to Guwahati.