The Dabbawalas of Mumbai are back in the news and this time it is to explain about the efficient rail solutions provided by Siemens. For the uninitiated, the Dabbawalas carry lunchboxes from homes to offices before lunch time and hardly ever go wrong in their on-time delivery. It is estimated that 5000 Dabbawalas deliver over 2 lakh lunchboxes every day in the busy metropolis, with an almost zero error rate. Also, the Mumbai railways are of great help in their transportation process, thereby bringing Siemens into the picture.

In an integrated digital campaign, conceptualized by O&M, a dabbawala describes a day in his life as he helps the team transport the designated lunchboxes to the right offices through ‘On the Dot’.

The narrative takes a viewer along with the dabbawala through cycles, trains and to the end customer’s offices, while explaining the now popular coding (a combination of colours, numbers and alphabets) distribution process and work principles of the dabbawalas. The film ends with the role that Siemens plays in providing for an efficient, smooth and on-time rail system to Mumbai.

While online ads lead one to the Siemens YouTube channel where the ad is uploaded, the description below the ad film has a link to the Siemens site with more information. As an extension of the Siemens Answers campaign – a globally run initiative to establish Siemens as a sustainable technology leader delivering a transformational benefit toward customers – ‘On the Dot’ helps the brand narrate its story in facilitating the Dabbawalas achieve their famed efficiency. One that is a Harvard case study and the other having Prince Charles visit them in the city.

Siemens has pulled a good one riding on the success of the Dabbawalas.