Indian politicians, one after the other, are gradually opening themselves on social media. The latest to join is the 72-year-old veteran politician and the president of National Congress Party, Sharad Pawar who is all set to launch his blog on October 25, reports Business Standard.

Sharad Pawar Blog

An experience of 46 years in politics with starting NCP in 1999 after moving out from the Indian National Congress Party, the Union agriculture minister would be sharing his thoughts about politics. Talking more about the move, the minister shared, “I have already penned a write-up, obviously on politics, and it will be the first article to appear on the blog.” Politics will be the core of his blog but at the same time he would also write on current developments in other fields.

The other topics that the veteran politician wants to share are his experiences in the fields of social sector including empowerment of women and youth, literature and sports including cricket and kabaddi. He also plans to write on agriculture and its prospects. The blog adds up to the existing Twitter presence by the politician where he has more than 13K followers but the activity hasn’t been that great.

Though the NCP supreme has already announced he would not contest the Lok Sabha elections this time but the move to launch his blog is a move to strengthen NCP’s overall online presence. Keeping in mind the 2014 Lok Sabha elections in the country, NCP has planned to set up social media cells at all levels like all other political parties. To do so the party has roped in Driving Minds Innovation, a company formed by former ZEE TV and Star Plus executives Nitin Vaidya and Abhijit Saxena, to implement the digital and social media strategy.

With elections coming close, NCP will really have to build up its presence aggressively on social media. While the party wants to open up for the youth by being present on social, at the same time along with its ally it is looking to take on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance in the run up to the ensuing general elections. It wouldn’t be an easy task and the agency will clearly have to begin from the bottom by fixing the NCP website.

Image courtesy: The Indian Express