This Independence Day we can do something very beautiful for the ones who fought hard for our independence. A gift recommendation startup is giving us the chance to thank the forgotten heroes of our freedom struggle, as a token of gratitude for all that they have done for our country.

Rooted in the belief that the nation came before self, these freedom fighters joined India’s independence struggle quite young. Almost 90 years old now, some of them were imprisoned by the British at the age of 13, fought for the Indian National Army at 17, and set fire to a station at 15.

Wishpicker khosla

The nicest thing about the endeavour by is that the team is going to meet these heroes and present the nation’s ‘thank you’ wishes to them in the form of a giant canvas. And we will receive photos of these freedom fighters with our messages!

To send in your ‘thank you’ wishes, just log on to, and leave your messages. If there is a picture message that you wish to send, you can also upload the same.

Social media buzz

Live since more than a week, the campaign has launched a cool awareness drive through social media. The Wishpicker Facebook page is alive with video interviews and stories of these heroes, which talks about their sacrifices and struggle. A cover page, interesting snippets from the freedom fighters accounts, campaign visuals all make for an inviting experience for the 2.5K strong Facebook community.

A memorable campaign by Wishpicker, one that will help the gift recommendation engine build a positive brand recall, the next time you go hunting for that special gift. Don’t forget to send in your ‘thank you’ wishes and make them feel special.

Startups are leveraging occasions with the help of social media and also engaging with their community. For Independence Day, 21 Fools, a greeting cards company had launched the ‘India says Thank You’ campaign, where one could send thank you cards and rakhis to the soldiers posted at the borders.