Roposo Facebook page

Product discovery on the Internet is getting smarter by the day. Indian startups that are trying to crack the market are also topping it with the benefits of a social layer. Gurgaon based Relevant e-solutions is trying to do the same in their second venture, Roposo – a recommendation engine focused on fashion.

The startup which is known for its initial offering Giveter, a recommendation engine for gifts, is in fact using a similar recommendation engine but the two have separate platforms as it would be compromising both categories, a thought shared by Avinash Saxena, CoFounder while revealing the news of their recent funding of $500,000 (less than Rs 3.1 crore).

Roposo – discovery of fashion

While having a regular email login, Roposo has a social login of Facebook and Google too for its users. After authentication the default landing page of the platform looks similar to the below screen grab.


Feed is the stream of activities of other users on the platform. Along with these, there are detailed categories such as Clothes, Bags, Jewellery, Shoes, among others. Once you click on any of the categories, the platform pulls up Trending Clothes and also displays a list of second level of categories such as tops, dresses, sarees, pants, to name a few. The below screen grab gives you the snap shot of the Clothes category.


The same listing applies to all of the other categories too. Since Roposco is a platform dedicated to womens’ tastes, it has an additional colour category too. The list of categories allows a user to select a colour and if you select pink as a colour then the platform pulls out all the trending items in the colour pink from the category.

Shop for the products

While you discover new products, you can also buy a product you like. However, the completion of the buying process happens on the seller’s page. So when you click on the Buy Now button, you are taken to another portal to complete the purchasing cycle.

Apart from this, as a user one, can save products to a list or show love by liking the product. A feature that possibly would help the platform to become more intelligent and show products of similar taste.

Roposo also provides the ability to follow people and build a network. The personal profile, while showing the count of Followers and Following, also shows the list of liked products and the lists created on the platform.


Fashion discovery, interesting?

Roposo, which is still quite fresh, is focusing on the discovery of products. The experience right now is glitch-free and the job is well done. The color category is smart. However, the startup should try completing the purchasing cycle at its end; taking the users to a different portal might not excite them. This feature could be a nightmare on mobile since most of the eCommerce sites are still not mobile responsive; a problem right now faced by allMemoirs, another startup also trying to crack the product discovery market.

Bangalore startup Wooplr, is a worthy competitor to Roposo. The startup, reviewed earlier has been targeting fashion with women as the prime focus since day one. Having an effective mobile app has given Wooplr the edge and the last we heard they were trying to get brick and mortar shops on to the platform.

However, I am told that plans for the Roposo mobile app are in the near future and with time the product is going to get competitive.

Do give it a shot, ladies and let us know if you are keen to discover fashionable products at Roposo or you’d still prefer window shopping in the weekends.