Revlon India is out with a fresh new campaign on social media that focuses on Indian women and the challenges she faces. Revlon asked itself, “What are the biggest challenges that the modern Indian woman is facing today which affects her individual choices and life choices?” and found out that a woman’s life is defined by the ‘Choices’ she makes and firmly stands by.

With all the daily dilemmas and challenges thrown her way, the beauty brand sought to build a platform as an ode to her individuality. The platform, ‘Choices by Revlon’ will celebrate her views and her ability to make choices without fear or favour. The 13 month long campaign will build a platform for women to express their opinions freely on various issues of life and much more with like-minded women from across India with a new discussion theme every month.

Choices by Revlon discusses ‘Relationships’

Interestingly, the first topic of discussion is ‘Relationships’ which was selected by Revlon India Facebook fans as one of the 13 most relevant topics they would like to discuss online. The brand partnered with noted relationship expert and author, Madhuri Banerjee to share expert advice with its fans.

Kick-started on December 6th, Choices by Revlon began bracing up fans with teaser cover photos and wall updates in late November. Conversations were encouraged around the topic of relationships with the help of visuals. Interestingly, the visuals designed have been smartly weaved in with various aspects of the beauty brand. For instance, this one talks about foundation as a base and also as a makeup product.


And this one emphasizes on nails and nail enamels by Revlon.


The 709K strong fan base was eventually introduced to Madhuri as their relationship expert for the month. A Facebook app was also introduced to further emphasize the choices women make in relationships and how these make them the person they are. One can find out their ‘Relationship Personality’ by answering a few questions based on the meaning of a romantic relationship. A five-point scale displays ‘outgoing and fun’ on one end to ‘intimate and serious’ on the other. I proceeded with the mid point and answered the questions, at the end of which I was labelled as ‘The cosmo chic’.

The app then recommended a look for me and also enlisted the steps and products used to achieve the particular look. One can then share this with her friends or recommend it to them or make a new choice. A Tweet #ChoicesByRevlon button helps spread about the app on Twitter too.

The Makeup tutorials are quite helpful and provide nearly six different looks from the ‘Romantic Provocateur’ to the ‘The Show Stopper’ and ‘The Girl next door’.

The 140-character social network, Twitter, was leveraged for its conversation capabilities too. Last Thursday, Revlon India arranged a Twitter chat with the relationship expert, Madhuri Banerjee. Women on Twitter could ask their queries on relationship using the hashtag #AskRevlon.

All set for my Twitter chat at Revlon office. Ask ques on #relationships from 6.30 to 7.30 today! #AskRevlon

— Madhuri Banerjee (@Madhuribanerjee) December 19, 2013

Engaging through conversations

Choices by Revlon is a clever one. It creates a conversation platform as opposed to one-time campaigns or contests. By asking women what they would like to talk about as part of an online discussion topic and then roping in an expert in that field surely helps build a community. And while at this, it displays the various product choices that Revlon has on offer. Quite impressive!

The subtle product association in each of the wall update visuals coupled with the Facebook app serves as a good platform to build conversations. Twitter chats further help spread the buzz along with providing the community with useful takeaways for their life. In a nutshell, the beauty brand has nailed it when it comes to social media marketing to women.

Choices by Revlon seems to have leveraged social media the right way – to connect and converse with its community, while talking about its products too. What are your views?