Online classifieds marketplace, Quikr has recently launched a new feature called ‘Maximum Selling Price (MSP)’ that will benefit both buyers and sellers on the platform. Arriving at a fair cost for used goods is often tough, but Quikr’s MSP tool will act as a pricing guide to help determine fair value for a used good.

Using MSP, sellers can determine a reasonably accurate value for their used goods before posting the ad on Quikr, while buyers can also refer MSP to understand if they are getting a fair price for the used good. Created using special algorithms designed by Quikr, the MSP calculator is currently live on Quikr’s website and mobile site.

Claiming to be a first in India, Quikr has launched an ad campaign to promote the MSP tool on social media including other mediums. The ad film conceptualized by Scarecrow Communications and produced by Pebble Films, creates a funny situation to explain the concept of MSP.

Check MSP before you sell on Quikr

Set around a Goan jetty, a ferry is getting filled with a carnival troupe and a car. Pedro, a stereotypical Goan, hands a note with an address to the ferry man asking him to deliver the car to Mr. Fonseca, whom he has sold it to. Just then a man fishing nearby asks Pedro why he sold it for just Rs. 40,000 and begins to explain about MSP using his tablet.

Pedro enters his car’s details on MSP which determines the car value at Rs. 1,50,000. Shocked, the two of them rush to stop the ferry and the sale, while quickly posting an ad on Quikr. Pedro finds instant buyers ready to buy at MSP on the ferry itself.

Uploaded on February 25 on the Quikr YouTube channel, the ad has received more than thousand views so far. Quikr is also leveraging Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. While the brand’s Facebook page is sharing about the MSP calculator, it is also sharing the ad film with its 1.3 million fan base.

The micro social network Twitter has been leveraged to engage users with the concept of MSP. After the ad video was shared by Quikr’s Twitter handle, the brand launched fun contests inviting users to interpret the Maximum Selling Price for annoying people in their lives. The best tweets won gift hampers.

Information with fun

The MSP calculator tool will undoubtedly solve the biggest pain point of Quikr users. And the ad campaign serves well to explain how MSP benefits them, with the use of a story rather than a tutorial. It highlights the easy usage of the tool and is well aligned with the ‘humorous’ tone of communication reflective in Quikr ads.

Hosting fun contests on Twitter has indeed helped boost reach, although the campaign hashtag could have been a branded one. For example, #QuikrMSP would have added the required branding as well to the engaging contest. A good campaign, nevertheless, one which drives home the message and while at it makes it fun too.