Our rupee might be weakening but life is good. Pizza Hut’s pan pizza is 23% bigger making us 23% richer. The affordable casual dining brand has launched a TVC to announce the arrival of the super sized pan pizza, the main message around which is ‘Size matters’. Two young guys are taken aback at the large sized pizza order arriving at their table, while they had ordered for a medium sized one. It’s only when the bill arrives that the duo realise their pan pizza is now bigger than before.

Pizza Hut has also been making waves on popular social media platforms, emphasizing that size really matters, while giving away 23% discount vouchers to promote the new offer. Twitter contests using the hashtag #SizeMatters and a fun eating marathon on Facebook, coupled with regular updates on the social media platforms frequented by youngsters, have managed to create the buzz.

Chomp-a-thon on Facebook

The pizza brand has launched a fun pizza eating marathon called ‘Chomp-a-thon‘ on Facebook, where you need to chomp your way through the pizza real fast, to be able to win 23% discount vouchers. The chomp-a-thon will gratify 10 winners daily based on the minimum time taken to complete all 3 levels of the game.

Hosted on a Facebook app, chomp-a-thon does not require you to ‘like’ the page, but you need to register first with your name and contact details. Pizza_hut_Chomp-a-thon

Seemingly based on an augmented reality concept, the app requires the webcam to be switched on. Each of the levels display a pizza which has to be bitten off completely before a stipulated time. The steps to go chomping away are quite simple – switch on your webcam, face the camera and quickly bite your way through the pizza, but you’ve got to actually do it to know how much fun it really is!

I had a tough time chomping away at a virtual pizza; needless to say I stayed at level 1 as I kept running out of time. The good thing is that you can keep trying again till you master the art of chomping away a virtual pizza!

The ‘Leaderboard’ lists the top ten scorers with the least time taken to complete all levels.

#SizeMatters on Twitter

The Pizza Hut India Twitter page began with creating conversations around the hashtag #SizeMatters. The 3.1 million Facebook fans were also invited to join the conversations with the promise of surprises. #SizeMatters gathered all kinds of conversations around why size matters in a solitaire or a weekend. Following the TVC launch, the wall has been focusing on size matters and inviting fans to the Twitter conversations.

Twitter users were encouraged to share how #SizeMatters to them. This was followed by Twitter contests hosted by Twitter influencers like Miss Malini, Chef at large, Kunzum Travel magazine and Adarsh Munjal (The Big Bhookad).

Play my #SizeMatters BIG Bollywood contest. Follow @PizzaHutIn and answer all my 5 Qs to win 1000rs gift cards anywhere in India! (Pls RT!)

— MissMalini (@MissMalini) August 19, 2013

Q3: This country loves pizzas and has the largest number of pizzerias in the world. Guess! USA, Italy or India? @PizzaHutIN #SizeMatters

— Chef at Large (@yourchefatlarge) August 22, 2013

Last one out! Q5. This is the largest and strongest living bird. Can you identify? @PizzaHutIN#SizeMatterspic.twitter.com/ThfjnKoJeR

— Kunzum Travel Mag (@kunzum) August 24, 2013

Participants had to follow the brand’s Twitter handle, answer all questions correctly to win gift cards and more. The page is now talking about the Chomp-a-thon. Additionally, popular VJs Rannvijay Singha with 139K followers and Anusha Dandekar with 278K followers have been roped in to endorse the pizza eating marathon.

Size really matters

The cool commercial has been extended well on social media, with relevant engagement strategies for each of the platforms. Twitter has been rightly leveraged as the buzz-generation network. Creating conversations around the central theme ‘Size matters’ helps build on a positive brand recall. In addition to running Twitter contests, reaching out through Twitter influencers – who are also youth icons – has helped the brand spread the word to the target group, and also maximize visibility.

And, undoubtedly, Chomp-a-thon is a cool Facebook app. It is perhaps the first time that one does not have to use arrow keys on the keyboard or click a mouse, and instead has to chomp away at a virtual pizza.

Going by the size of the social media promotions, the Pizza Hut 23% bigger pan pizzas are here for long. I’m quite impressed with the campaign, what about you?