Peter England #TweetaGoal

FIFA World Cup 2014 is in its last leg, the coming weekend will decide the winner. With Brazil being hammered by the Germans in the semis, the game has become very exciting. Brands who have been creating avenues to cash in from the month long tournament are also executing exciting initiatives on social media. The latest brand to join the football madness and create buzz on social media with fans is the well known apparel maker, Peter England.

#TweetaGoal is the latest campaign that Peter England launched a day before to let fans score goals and win gift vouchers. The goals were scored on Twitter instead of the field. The contest around the world cup madness was driven completely by Twitter with promotions being carried out on Facebook.

Following an initial buzz about the campaign, a microsite was launched that gave the details on how to play, winning goodies and the list of winners. The brand asked fans to show support for their favourite team with #TweetaGoal while continuously tweeting about them. The more you tweet, the ball remains with you but if someone tweets in the meantime, the ball goes to the other user.

While this is happening on Twitter, the system at the backend will decide the goals. At a certain interval whoever has possession of the ball at the time of the goal, will be credited with scoring. So the brand wanted users to keep tweeting to keep the ball with them and hope to get lucky by scoring a goal.

The participants who scored a goal won a Peter England gift voucher worth 2,000/-

Twitter saw fans showing love for their favourite team and the microsite gave a visual preview of the tweets from users and the possessor of the ball.

Buzz and execution on social media

Peter England started creating buzz about the contest a day prior which ended yesterday. #TweetaGoal which trended on Twitter on the 8th got a good response from users on the platform. The brand also promoted the contest on Facebook to drive fans to its Twitter platform.

The Twitter account made sure to educate the users about the rules of the game, while continuing to tweet about the winners. The below lists the activity of the brand on Twitter.

To give the gripping feeling of the real football games, the Twitter account did a decent job. The below tweets not only created excitement but gave a yellow card to a spammy user. Well played Peter England!

Connects with football fever

The contest drafted by Peter England with the world cup madness at its peak is timed well. Keeping it simple by asking fans to tweet more to win is an ideal recipe for a hashtag to trend on Twitter. #TweetaGoal did trend the first day but it failed to do so the next day, since the trends were dominated by other important discussions.

The core idea of the contest is not unique and has been tested by brands earlier to get the buzz going on Twitter. Several campaigns in the past have invited Twitter users to carry on the tweeting, with lucky intervals like the 100th, 500th user winning goodies. #TweetaGoal could have been made more interesting rather than just simply tweeting about your favourite team. In fact a gift voucher as a giveaway is a big disappointment, can we provide fans an experience of the game? May be football jerseys of their favorite team could have attracted some faithful fans of the game.

Nevertheless, Peter England has moved few steps up the ladder with its latest contest #TweetaGoal, much better than #PEFootballHeroes – its last initiative to engage with fans by having a quiz around the ongoing FIFA world cup.