A pet owner saved his goldfish from impending death. The unnamed man took swift action when he noticed his fish was behaving abnormally. When most people would just had let the fish die and gave it a water burial (by way of a toilet flush), this man wasn’t ready to see his finned friend go just yet. He quickly took action and brought the fish to the Toll Barn Veterinary Centre in Norfolk, England. It was revealed then that the goldfish was suffering from constipation and would die without an operation. The surgery, though, would cost £300, or an equivalent of $363.

Keep in mind that a standard goldfish can be purchased at a pet store or even at a Walmart for about 10 cents. However, the pet owner was intent on saving his goldfish and agreed to the costly surgery.

29-year-old veterinarian Faye Bethall was in charge of the operation. The procedure included administering anesthesia and using a small instrument to remove a lump that was preventing the fish from releasing its stool. Stitches and glue were also used to cover the gaping hole where the lump was extracted. A second lump was also removed from the dorsal fin. The entire operation lasted about 50 minutes.

According to Bethall, she has performed similar operations on a carp but never on an inexpensive goldfish.

Without the operation, the fish’s poo would have built up inside its body, making its system become toxic and causing imminent death.

According to the pet owner, his fish was just two years and 10-months old. That’s still fairly young considering that goldfishes can live for up to 10 years and even up to 30 with exceptional care.

Most people wouldn’t spend £300 to save their dog or cat. A pet owner saving his goldfish and spending that kind of money shows that he is truly devoted to his nonhuman companion despite being easily replaceable.

[photo credit: Alastair Montgomery]

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