Onion, one of the most common ingredients in many Indian dishes is selling at a record high. The prices in the capital Delhi has surged by a third on Monday to hit a record high on a supply squeeze due to last year’s drought in key growing areas, says NDTV Profit.


The retail prices that have soared sharply has effected other metropolitan cities like Mumbai where the retail price was Rs. 65 per kg on Monday, compared with Rs. 20 just two months ago.

This means more pressure for the existing government which is already facing a depressing economy and a weak rupee against the dollar.

It is being said that the prices wouldn’t go down any time soon. They might see a dip after mid-October. The prices have rocketed due to the 2012 drought which hit Maharashtra, the country’s top onion producer, very badly. This year a heavy rainfall has hurt the planted crop in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, making the supply squeeze more.

#Onion trends on India Twitter Trends

These days any news with a bit of buzz can trend on Twitter and onion is a subject close to the heart of the common man, so it had to trend. The hashtag #Onion which is still trending started with the initial news and later the baton was carried by the Twitter comedians and the opponents of the UPA Government.

Some of the tweets that are making the buzz are listed below:

A Jamshedpur-based tyre seller is offering free #onion with the purchase of truck and car tyres to protest the increase in its price.

— India Today (@IndiaToday) August 13, 2013

AHAH!!! Tears of Joy. ” @swatigupta07: #Onion : pic.twitter.com/o39bnE1RxL

— Sangeetha ✿⎝