Norway has been ranked as the most socially progressive nation in the world, while other Nordic countries including Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark are all in the world’s top 10, according the latest version of The Social Progress Index 2015.

The Social Progress Index (SPI), released by Social Progress Imperative, ranks 133 countries in the world, which 94% of world’s population are covered, to measure a comprehensive array of components of social and environmental performance, such as basic human needs, wellbeing and social opportunities.

This year’s index shows that Norway tops the chart with the strongest Foundation of Wellbeing of any country, ranking first in Access to Communications and Information, second in Ecosystem Sustainability, and third in Health and Wellness. Sweden and Switzerland are closely behind on the index. 8 out of top 10 are European countries with all 5 Nordic countries included. As for other major countries in the world, UK finishes at 11th, Germany, Japan and the US come up as 14th, 15th and 16th. China is 92nd on the Index.

 The top 68 countries on The Social Progress Index:

Interestingly, as one of the SPI designer Professor Michael Green points out, “The Social Progress Index shows that countries with similar levels of GDP can have very different levels of social progress,” and “The Social Progress Index findings reveal that countries achieve widely divergent levels of social progress at similar levels of GDP per capita. A rich country may do well on absolute social progress, yet under-perform relative to peers of similar income; a poor country may achieve only modest levels of social progress, yet perform far better than peers with similar resource constraints”.