Can oily, deep fried snacks be healthy? For a nation obsessed with its food, where every region is known by its unique culinary flavour and rich variety of snack foods, Indians have many lifestyle diseases owing to this heavy dose of oils and fats every day. Which is why – many of us avoid snack foods very much like the plague. And a kitchen appliances brand hopes to turn the tables on this notion.

Nirlep, the kitchen solutions company that gave India its first non-stick pan, is now on an important mission towards a healthier India. This year Nirlep aims to be the ‘Khate Peete Desh Ka Rakhwala’ and with that objective has launched a very funny animated video featuring ‘Obaba’, an inspired version of President Obama.

In the video, Obaba begins with chanting ‘Yes we CAN’ and then to the amusement of the excited crowds, continues with ‘Eat aloo mattar…eat samosa…eat vada pav, and other popular Indian fast food snacks. At the end, Obaba rhymes ‘Yes we can’ with ‘if we use Nirlep pan’!

The message being spread is – “Yes we CAN now be a true foodie and stay healthy with Nirlep!”

The video is being promoted through Nirlep’s social platforms too. Fans on Nirlep’s Facebook and Twitter have been invited to send in their ‘#YesWeCan’ entries in the video and get rewarded with Nirlep cookware for the highest interactivity. Apart from adding their comments, they need to tag their friends and share the video on other social networks.

Apparently, 2014 has ushered a fresh new communication strategy to the promoters of healthy cooking in India, though some work needs to be done on Twitter. Apart from sharing similar content as Facebook, Nirlep could better reach out on Twitter by creating conversations around the hashtag #YesWeCan. Interesting campaign nevertheless!