A newsstand owner is disregarding threats against her life and is planning to sell the upcoming issue of Charlie Hebdo at her store.

Ila Aghera runs Forge News in the village of Charlton Kings in the UK. She has pre-ordered more than 100 copies of the upcoming issue of the satirical magazine, which will be published on Wednesday.

The cover of the magazine will depict a cartoon rendition of the Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam.

The magazine has been the focus of worldwide attention since Islamic militants stormed its office in Paris last week and opened fire. Twelve people were killed, including the magazine’s editor.

The terrorists were motivated by the magazine’s history of publishing cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, some of which depicted him in the nude.

It is a violation of Islamic law to depict the prophet in any way.

Aghera plans on selling the magazine even though British Imam Anjem Choudary has described it as an “act of war” to offer the publication for sale. He has also threatened “retaliations.”

The shop owner says that she is doing the right thing.

“It is important for future generations for them to see this, to know what happened,” she said.

“I am nervous. I’m shaking now, I’m only a little village shop but I don’t care because what I am doing is right,” she said.  “We will be selling it from Friday. I think I’m the first one to do it. I might be old fashioned but I’m not going to be scared. I’m selling it as a one off. I have 80 orders so far and it is getting out of hand as people across the UK are calling and asking from them.”

Aghera also said that she wants people to remember what happened in Paris.

“All age groups should know what happened. What happened in France is very upsetting, it was very wrong for a silly cartoon that was a joke to make people laugh. I’ve ordered over 100 copies. I’m just doing my job and providing a service. If people want to read it they should be able to,” she said.

Choudary, the lecturer on Shariah Law behind the threat, was arrested late last year as part of investigation into Islamic terrorism in the UK. He said that it’s a “blatant provocation” to offer the magazine for sale and if the people who do so were to be tried in a Shariah court, they would summarily be executed.

However, not all Muslims agree with Choudary.

Sughra Ahmed is president of the Islamic Society of Britain. She said that freedom needs to be defended “at all costs.”

“We need to de-escalate the tension around all this,” she said. “Those Muslims who feel offended may have a right, but in the scheme of things we should be far more offended by injustice, economic exploitation, anti-Semitism, homophobia, murder, etc.”

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