Under the umbrella of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Narendra Modi’s popularity is going places. According to Indian Express, BJP is strengthening its base prior to the Lok Sabha elections in the communist state of Kerala by focusing on the youth and social media. The party is hoping that the magic and charisma of Modi will work in the state, as it has done in the remaining states of the country.

The party’s confidence in the state was expressed by state president V Muralidharan who indicated that the party is giving more emphasis on one leader’s magic to attract voters, especially the youth. He also shared that in the upcoming rally in February, the party is hoping to have representation from all 21,000 booths in the state, though large scale participation of party activists and sympathizers will be from the four southern districts.

The BJP district president S Suresh also boasted on the 50 booth-level meetings held in the Lok Sabha constituency for enrolling new voters. More than 10,000 new voters have already been enrolled and the district president credited the growth to the online campaign – ‘NaMo Kerala.’

NaMo Kerala campaign has been steadily gaining success on social media. The Facebook page, that has been active in updating about Modi and the recent developments, has close to 3K fans. The Twitter account has been quite aggressive in promoting Modi and the party’s lotus symbol in the state. The Twitter account has around 650 followers.

With a few months left to the 2014 General Elections in the country, BJP is hoping to change fortunes in its favour. Recently we were made aware that the party has a new social media strategy in place, which states that the party’s social media activities will only focus on its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

Only time will decide if it will be 272+ for BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections but for now the efforts to make it happen are on a roll.

Image credit: Twitter