Hiring is getting social and creative too. This morning we shared how Experience Commerce, a Mumbai based digital agency is attracting new candidates by creating team videos to pitch candidates. Now Bangalore based startup MyParichay has announced a new product – Social Retargeting to its Facebook based hiring platform that helps recruiters across the globe reach out to passive candidates on their Facebook or mobile device.

The company claims that the new product Social Retargeting uses Facebook’s social graph to help recruiters increase their addressable quality talent pool by over 5X.

MyParichay has opened up free demos for its new product and is banking on features like –

1. Social Retargeting will allow recruiters to create and measure every campaign run on social media. Whether it is run on LinkedIn, Naukri or through MyParichay Email Campaigns, users will be able to track and measure.

2. Easy search and connecting required candidates on Facebook.

3. Reuse of the existing database of recruiters to send out email campaigns.

4. Tap and engage with passive job seekers via email or social media.

With this product in place MyParichay is trying to bridge the gap between the traditional and modern ways of recruitment. Now on recruiters can easily integrate social media recruitment techniques to their present workflows.

According to Ranjan Sinha, Chairman, MyParichay the idea of Social Retargeting developed while listening to their existing recruiters who are already using their platform. He further added that,

“Analyzing our 30 million database of professionals on Facebook, we found that 46 percent of a professional’s Facebook network has similar professionals based on education, job titles and companies they work at. Social Retargeting allows recruiters to find and contact those hidden talent with minimal effort.

Last year HT Media, while picking up a minority stake in MyParichay, also revamped its own job portal with few new features from MyParichay. The new feature Shine MyParichay tool bar allowed job seekers to apply via Facebook without necessarily signing in at It also allowed users find Facebook friends in the network working at the company who can refer the applicant for the opportunity.

The latest tool Social Retargeting for now falls short when compared to the term retargeting in advertisement wherein a user is shown ads based on her previous surfing behavior across the web. To me the new tool Social Retargeting looks like the age old email marketing where by the company wants to target passive users by obtaining email addresses either from job portals or social networks. If this is the case then the other question that comes to my mind is – why trademark a technique which is already out there?

With 93 million active Indian users spending time on Facebook, it looks like a lucrative offer for recruiters but will the passive users be interested in getting spammed?