MTV, one of India’s leading youth brand is back with India’s Most Social Road Trip – Nano Drive with MTV Season 3. The Nano drive road trip is essentially a socially driven road trip where audiences are engaged through social platforms to decide the course of the entire trip from the contestants to the destinations to the tasks that they will perform.

Starting the first season back in 2012, the show was a hit on social media as it dared to go beyond the usual reality TV show to include social media audiences too. The second season last year shifted more towards social; the trip route was decided through a crowdsourcing activity on Twitter while bloggers could win exclusive wildcard entries.

In season 3, the audience gets to decide not only the four teams that will compete against each other but also the unexplored destinations that they want the teams to visit. The four teams, will start their journey from specific points in the four zones, namely – Jaipur for North, Siliguri for East, Chennai for South and Goa for West.

The teams will drive through their respective zones exploring unheard of locations for 21 days, on a shoestring budget with which they have to plan everything, which will also push them to tap into their social media connections.

Through the course of their journey, the teams will be required to overcome obstacles, perform tasks and earn social media points via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and Pinterest. The entire journey will be showcased live on various social media platforms and on the Nano Drive with MTV website. Every activity on the road and on the web will add to the teams’ points and at the end of the journey, the team with maximum points will be declared winners and take home a Nano for each of its members.

Here are some glimpses from the previous seasons of the show:

The registration process is on, do check out the website to be a part of the most loved social road trip in India.