Modi or the new Indian Government has been a big believer of using social media along with governance. However, the same belief has now surrounded it in a new controversy. According to NDTV, The government has told bureaucrats and other officers that tweets and posts on their official social media accounts should be made first in Hindi. An English version is optional.

This might look like a great move considering Hindi as our National Language but at the same time it has irritated other regional language supporters in the country. The instruction proposed by the Home Ministry has met with a strong no from M Karunanidhi, the chief of the DMK, who says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have pushed the promotion of Hindi to the top of his agenda.

The 89-year-old DMK Party Chief in Chennai further stated, “The PM should focus on development rather than on promoting Hindi. It is an attempt to treat non-Hindi speakers as second class citizens.”

However, BJP has made its stand clear that this is an attempt to promote Hindi which is the national language of the country but not at the cost of dis-respecting other regional languages. Additionally, Kiren Rijiju, MoS Home has told ANI that there has been no directive to make Hindi compulsory. He also referred it to be an unnecessary controversy.

There has been no comment from other regional parties on this dictate. Hopefully, it shouldn’t open the Pandora’s box of language battles that have disturbed the country’s peace.