Just when you wonder which thin air has actress Asin disappeared into, in comes a Mirinda commercial back with its trademark style of ‘pagalpanti’ (craziness), featuring the actress and brand ambassador. With the weather getting hotter in the country, Pepsico-owned Mirinda, the soft drink brand with the popular orange flavour, has launched two TVCs with a new twist to its pagalpanti message. Interestingly, this time the viewer can also participate in the craziness by contributing his/her crazy ideas!

One of the ad titled ‘Ping Pong’ is set in a table tennis court with Asin playing the referee. The ‘Mirinda Pagalpanti League’ begins as she drinks from a bottle of Mirinda and announces to begin the craziness. Instead of playing with their racquets, the two players use hand-shaped ‘bats’ fitted on top of their heads.

The other ad titled ‘Bowling’ features Asin in a quirky game of bowling at a bowling alley. Here the teams use two boys entwined in a ball shape to roll over the alley instead of the bowling ball. The pins are Mirinda bottles.

Both ads end with Asin inviting viewers to send in their crazy ideas with the best ideas being shown on TV. Viewers can send their crazy ideas for the ‘Mirinda Pagalpanti League’ through SMS or Whatsapp at the number given, or on the Mirinda India Facebook page. While Asin is seen drinking the orange flavoured version in the table tennis ad, the bowling ad shows her having the newly launched apple flavoured drink.

The ad is leveraging social media to encourage participation by viewers. Mirinda India’s Facebook page and Twitter pages are inviting users to share their crazy ideas using the hashtag #WhatsYourPagalPanti. A Facebook app has also been created for the same. After liking the page, you can share your idea in the form of text or audio or video through the app. It also asks for contact number and email in the submission form.


Pagalpanti now connects the youth

It is good to see the campaign timed around the seventh season of the Indian Premier League with a catchy name like ‘Mirinda Pagalpanti League’. People usually love to be asked for ideas, and when it comes to crazy ideas, there will certainly be a crowd waiting to enter into the Mirinda Pagalpanti League. The youthful games and craziness is another bait to attract the youngsters.

The concept is cool, however, it isn’t a novel one. Co-creating with the community made its presence in India when a few experimental brands like HP started with creating a community song with the help of the community itself. This was adapted in many ways by brands wanting to connect with their online communities, beyond just engaging with contests. Instant noodle brand, Maggi had invited fans to share their Maggi moments for a chance to feature in the pack.

By extending the pagalpanti conversations on social media platforms, Mirinda has further reinforced its signature attitude for craziness. What do you think?