Mia Tanishq snapoutofit

Working woman play multiple roles while taking care of their profession and as well as their families, leaving very little or no time for themselves. The long working hours, deadlines, meetings and the commitments at home often take a toll on the woman. So, here’s a campaign as a mark of respect to the numerous roles she adorns, by Mia, the jewellery brand for the working woman by Tata-owned Tanishq, one of the largest retail jewellery brand in India.

Designed to bring fun, excitement and celebrations back into International Women’s Day, Mia has launched a 4-day campaign on Facebook to bust away the work blues for women in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. While International Women’s Day commemorates women’s rights and progress the world over, Mia is taking a step on the lighter side with the #SnapOutOfIt campaign this Women’s Day.

#SnapOutOfIt this Women’s Day

The #SnapOutOfIt campaign invites working women to convince Mia why they deserve a chance to snap out the everyday hassles and routines they have to follow. The winning entries will be chosen from the wittiest, funniest, and most convincing ones and the winners will be treated to fun activities like para-motoring in Delhi, vineyard tour in Bangalore and yachting in Mumbai on March 8, 2014.

For women who need a break, visit the Tanishq Facebook page and enter the contest through the ‘Snap out of it’ Facebook app. You do not need to like the page to get started.


The app features the best video entries and the tweets made with the hashtag #Snapoutofit on the home page. The ‘Contest gallery” tab shows you the submissions made in the app. At present, the app reflects 73 entries and each one as deserving as the other.

The ‘Participate’ tab has a form where in addition to filling up personal details, one can give their reason for a break in the text box provided. The app also provides for sharing a video link – one can express their reason through a 30-second video, upload it on YouTube and share the link on the app.

While the Facebook timeline is promoting the contest extensively, the campaign is also leveraging Twitter with a similar concept. Users have been invited to tweet funny reasons as to why they deserved to #SnapOutOfIt using the hashtag. Winners got vouchers from Taj.

How cool is it?

#SnapOutOfIt is a lovely campaign catering to the working woman’s most unfulfilled wish. Mia has certainly played it well by coinciding the campaign with International Women’s Day; a working woman also has rights to demand for herself and experiential prizes like yachting, vineyard touring and para motoring will help create fond memories with the brand.

The campaign on Facebook has been integrated with Twitter and YouTube too. Design-wise, the Facebook app speaks of fun and adventure, is clean and informative. However, the Facebook app could have been a like-gated one, this way the contest will also ensure a relevant Facebook fan growth.

An apt objective aligned to the target consumers coupled with relevant prizes makes #SnapOutOfIt a memorable Women’s Day campaign by Mia. What are your thoughts?