The Daily Mail reported that the man who killed Osama Bin Laden is Rob O’Neill, and he is one of the best trained special operators in the world. In O’Neill’s 16-year career, he has been involved in over 400 combat missions, taking down 30 targets. O’Neill was also involved in the famous mission that saved the life of Captain Phillips from Somali pirates. His success earned him 52 distinguished awards, including two silver stars – the third highest honor the military has, and four Bronze Stars with Valor – the ninth highest military award. ‘Valor’ signifies a “heroic act and direct participation in combat operations.”

Today, the man who killed Bin Laden works as a motivational speaker, encouraging others to “Never Quit” as he shares his experiences as a Navy SEAL. Across the country, O’Neill teaches that the most important factor in finding success is to never quit.

O’Neill planned on revealing his identity on Fox News in a few weeks, but the secret got out during the Daily Mail’s exclusive interview with his father. There is a bit of controversy at the Pentagon about whether or not O’Neill should have released his identity. O’Neill is not afraid that terrorists will target him or his family, even though his identity is known. O’Neill’s father said, “I’ll paint a big target on my front door and say come and get us.”

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