bedbathmore bang bang darebedbathmore bang bang dare

Celebrity-led campaigns for a cause are gaining momentum, especially with the sharing nature of social networks. After the worldwide success of the ALS awareness initiative,’ #IceBucketChallenge’ that saw participation from the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama and more, back in India we saw the rise of the #RiceBucketChallenge that involved sharing rice with someone needy.

Leveraging this new found love for tagging your friends on social media and challenging them to take up dares for a cause, actor Hrithik Roshan had started the #BangBangDare for the promotions of his action movie, ‘Bang Bang’. Hrithik challenged his friends in the industry to do some crazy stunts, while managing to build some healthy buzz for his movie, in a country that is absolutely star-struck.

So, while the actor dared the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Ranveer Singh, Aamir Khan and more, little did he know that his promotional stunt would boomerang back to him.

Bed.Bath.More, a dedicated portal for all things in home furnishing and lifestyle, dared Hrithik to shop for bedsheets from them, in return of which the brand would donate whatever he buys and an additional Rs. 5 lakhs to city hospitals. The brand’s Twitter handle shared this via a tweet along with his hashtag #bangbangdare. The tweet was also put on a billboard in Juhu, which is the actor’s neighbourhood.

Conceptualised by Scarecrow Communications for Bed.Bath.More, the dare took the actor by surprise. An amused Hrithik not only accepted the dare but also roped in his interior designer, Maria Hill to join in for the dare.

Quick. Effective. Cheap.

The actor, who enjoys a good following on Twitter with 6.74 million followers, raked in decent engagement for the brand. Hrithik’s tweet was retweeted more than 800 times and also marked as favourite by more than 1.5K followers.

Bed.Bath.More has recently roped in actress Dia Mirza as its brand ambassador, and with this on the spot #bangbangdare to Hrithik, the brand has further established its presence among its target segment. A brilliant example of smart thinking combined with some on-your-toes execution.

The success of the campaign can be further estimated by the statement made in the press release. “The idea started with a 20×20 hoarding, but led to an avalanche of online and offline attention, that too after spending peanuts,” Raghu Bhat, Founder Director at Scarecrow Communications, shared while explaining the effective use of a hoarding in today’s digital age.