Good Times Dispenser headbanging

What’s experiencing music without a little headbanging! And, what if you could get some free beer while you headbanged away? If you are a beer lover and have missed out on ‘The Great Indian Octoberfest’ this year, then you will not like what you are about to read.

During this year’s festival, Kingfisher Premium, the flagship brand from The United Breweries Group and the creators of The Great Indian Octoberfest, decided to do something out-of-the-box or rather out-of-the-dispenser for the festival-goers. It built a machine ‘The Good Times Dispenser’ that dispensed beer for every headbang. The more fans headbanged, the more beer they won!

Every October, beer lovers in India begin to count down the days to their favourite beer festival and every year they want something more to add on to the excitement of music and beer. So, this is what they got this year – the world’s first ever beer dispensing machine triggered by a headbang:

How does the beer disperser work?

If you’d like to know the mechanics of the beer dispensing machine that is triggered by headbangs and want to recreate one of your own, then here’s how it works:

The users had to login to their Facebook account, strap on a helmet that captured the head’s movements and headbang in front of a beer vending machine. A mobile device attached to the helmet recorded the number of headbangs generated, and the count was displayed on an LCD screen. Through motion capture technology, the action of headbanging caused beer cans to be dispensed from the machine.

Within 30 seconds, the individual had to headbang as much as he or she could. The faster an individual headbanged, the more beer he or she won. They could also share their conquests on their social networks.

Quite a bang on social media

Beer lovers thronged the Good Times Dispenser and headbanged away to glory. Most came back for a second round too. Dizzying headbanging sessions later, some users walked away with as many as 6 cans of beer at a time. The offline engagement created quite a stir on social media with the smart integration. Hundreds of beer cans were dispensed and nearly 1,00,000 headbangs were generated in 3 days, with almost 3,00,000 impressions online.

Blending rock music with beer for a festival that is all about rock music and beer is the closest a beer brand can get to engage with its target group. The Good Times Dispenser has succeeded in providing a memorable and fun experience, further strengthening the brand position of Kingfisher as the ‘King of Good Times’. But best of all is the offline-online integration that enabled the festival visitors to share and interact online too.

Kingfisher has indeed maximized the excitement for fans of beer and music with the Good Times Dispenser, what do you think?