Indian diplomacy has been applauded in a recent show of quick diplomacy on Twitter involving England cricketer and IPL Delhi Daredevils batsman, Kevin Pietersen. Earlier on Monday, the cricketer had tweeted asking for help from the official Twitter account of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and the Indian Diplomacy account about his passport being held at the Indian Embassy for the past 10 days, for a 24 hour service, and that he needed to travel to India on an urgent basis.

MEA’s official spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin tweeted back to Kevin about the requirement of necessary approval from the Union Sports Ministry. This was soon followed by a reassuring tweet to the cricketer that the Indian Embassy in the United Kingdom will soon grant visa to Pietersen as they have received necessary clearance from the Union Sports Ministry.

Having received his passport, the happy cricketer posted a picture of him sporting a cap and holding the passport in between his lips.

The news caught on fast with major dailies covering the story. The official Twitter account of Indian Public Diplomacy has tweeted a visual mashup of all the headlines calling it as a snapshot of India’s Twiplomacy at work.

While Twitter users have appreciated the fast action, some others have complained about facing hurdles in their passport renewal. Nevertheless, we know for sure that Twitter diplomacy works. Now, if only this kind of fast treatment was meted out to every one travelling to India, and having their issues resolved through Twitter!