Would you buy a lottery ticket sans your lucky number or perhaps refuse to play housie because there are no available tickets with your lucky number? Well, there is good news in store; for the sake of you and the many Indians who are stuck up on lucky numbers, IndusInd Bank has recently launched its “My Account, My Number” initiative whereby one can open an account with the bank based on their lucky number.

Drawing from its customer centric philosophy as “Apne chaha, hamne kiya”, the campaign has seen a phenomenal success in the offline world and hence has been extended onto online through an interesting Facebook application called ‘What’s your lucky number?” The application decides the lucky number for an individual within a few seconds by just entering the full name and date of birth.

What’s your lucky number?

The Facebook app ‘What’s your lucky number?’ is a very basic one that pulls up your name and date of birth from your profile details. You have to like the page to access the app though. Read the Terms & Conditions as you need to accept it prior to finding out your lucky number.


The app requires your middle name and mobile number too before it proceeds with calculating your lucky number. The mobile number would be used to contact in case you win the vouchers.

After the app throws up your lucky number, which is within a few seconds itself, you have the option to get a bank account number with it through the ‘Get it now’ button. The button takes you to the website with the application form link to open an Indus Classic Savings Account.

Besides, you can invite your friends to try the app or share it on your Facebook wall, as the app provides buttons for each of the functions.

A first-of-its-kind Facebook app?

Banks are getting to be fun on social media. By enabling fans to open an account virtually with a number of their own choice through a Facebook app, IndusInd has made it convenient to the average Indian internet user, who spends most of his time on the popular social network. Reaching out through Facebook also helps spread the ‘My account, My number’ initiative to one’s extended network of friends and family, in addition to the other modes of providing bank accounts with their lucky numbers. This seems to be a first in India where a bank has leveraged Facebook in a creative manner to enable fans open ‘lucky number’ bank accounts.

However, the registration form is a general one and will have the bank’s representative get in touch with you. It does not seem to differentiate if you have visited the link looking to open a bank account with your lucky number. Nevertheless, the app not only builds the bank’s fan base, it also helps spread the initiative in a fun way.

What are your views on IndusInd’s ‘My Account, My Number’ playing it out on Facebook?