Telecom service providers have some of the biggest shares in Facebook fans, in the country with 82 million users. Having a large fan base seems to be a matter of pride, hence the increasing number of campaigns aimed specifically at growing the fan base. This year, in particular, has been a milestone year in terms of brand pages crossing a million fans and more. One of India’s leading telco, Idea Cellular has recently crossed 5 million Facebook fans and is celebrating it by giving customized ringtones to fans for their own mobile numbers.

A Facebook application ‘Your M-Id’ was created on the brand’s page that took a fan’s 10 digit phone number and created an exclusive tune just for her. The generated Musical Id called “M-ID” is unique to the user’s mobile number and hence will not sound like anyone else’s. Designed and developed by digital agency Digital, Law & Kenneth, the app has plugged in musical notes for every digit (5 tones for one digit) and has placed a randomizer to avoid repetition.

As shown in the app screenshot, click get your ‘M-id’ to get started. The app provides the option to download the tune and set it as your ringtone too.


Prior to reaching 5 million fans and launching the M-Id app, the Facebook wall had begun sharing countdown teasers to 5 million with an interactive cover photo slideshow that paid tribute to 50 ideas that changed the world. With every 50 likes the cover picture changed, thus counting up to 5 million. The 50 ideas ranged from the microscope and fire extinguisher to the credit card and mobile phone.

Idea FB cover photo

The Musical Id is a cool fan celebration campaign by Idea, one that not only creates a unique and engaging experience for a fan but also leaves her with a tailor made musical gift. Fun, clever and nicely done, Idea!

The app is on; Let us know if you’ve tried getting an M-ID for your Idea number.

Correction: The above application works for all mobile numbers and not only Idea subscribers as mentioned earlier.