Brand integration within content is a tried and tested marketing activity existing in many forms. However, product placement within YouTube content is a new avenue which Ad sales agency Helios Media is trying to venture. According to reports, the agency which is now venturing into ad-sales on the digital platform, has tied up with celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s YouTube channel to integrate brands and their products into the content of the channel.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Helios Media is already handling the ad-sales mandate for Kapoor’s television channel, Food Food. Trying out something new could be a game changer for his YouTube channel. The initiative is considered to be a high potential one by Divya Radhakrishnan, MD, Helios since food is the most popular segment after Bollywood on YouTube and Sanjeev Kapoor has been a known name in the market.

The agency that plans to embed brand messages within the content of the channel is already in talks with four brands and the content is being shot for two of them.

The partnership is being hailed by Sanjeev Kapoor too, who happens to have the largest non-Bollywood YouTube channel in India that has so far generated 85 million views with a subscriber base of more than 2.7 lakh. Sanjeev stresses that since his popular videos generate more than a million views, it would enable brands to not only reach a large consumer base but also to capture the most appropriate mind space.

While brands can generate revenue via ads on YouTube, it also requires giving a share to its parent company Google. This move by Helios takes that away and has potential since Sanjeev’s team has been generating a lot of fresh content for its community on YouTube. With this move Sanjeev’s team can upload videos that have been shot with advertisements integrated within the content whether it be a product placement or carrying out a brand message.

The only glitch to this new revenue model could happen if the placements ruin the content and the viewer engagement like we often see being done on television. Nevertheless, this could be a new form of digital advertising taken up by brands and celebrities.

Image credit: Sanjeev Kapoor