Seems everyone wants social media to be regulated. Not only international leaders but our state chief ministers are Bhupinder_Singh_Hoodavoicing for it too. The latest to join the bandwagon is Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda who has asked the centre to take steps to control social networking sites since they are disturbing communal harmony, reports TOI.

The concerns were raised by the CM at yesterday’s National Integration Council meeting while citing a recent case where some persons tried to create communal tension in Gurgaon and Rewari districts on the issue of transportation of cows. He further added,

“It has often been seen that social networking sites such as Facebook, MMS, Twitter etc become a media in spreading propaganda through video clippings and messages of incidents with communal overtones – instigating hatred among various communities leading to flaring up of the communal situation.”

He has also asked the Central Government to control such social networking sites.

The daylong meeting which was attended by a 148-member body that included Union Ministers, Leaders of the Opposition in Parliament, chief ministers, leaders of national and regional political parties, eminent people from media, etc. was chaired by the Prime Minister, who also expressed serious concern over the misuse of social media to spread objectionable content and hatred among communities.

Speaking at the gathering the PM shared that the recent communal violence in some cases have brought to notice circulation of fake videos aimed at inciting the feeling of hatred in one community towards the other while comparing the present riots in UP with the 2012 Northeast tensions.

The current set of suggestions to take strong measures against social media has erupted at the backdrop of the recent Muzaffarnagar riots that claimed 48 lives. Blaming a video uploaded to create further tensions UP administration had earlier stated that the violence caught more fire due to social media and mobile messaging apps which are helping to spread misinformation and panic.

It would be interesting to observe the measures the government takes on controlling social media considering the backlash the present government had to face on such measures last year.