Twitter trends have gradually become insane. There was a time when Twitter trends would give you a quick picture of the current happenings in the country. Even today they do but on any day they are being overpowered by insane hashtags launched by eager brands in the mad rush of getting trended or by a rival political party to defame the other.


With the general elections inching closer, social media forms a big chapter in the election strategy and both Congress, BJP are taking it seriously. Sadly, the use of an easy and fast medium like Twitter is with the sole purpose of creating controversies and defaming the other on a public forum. Political wars have been raging on the 140-character network for some time now and the latest has been weaved around the aggressive statements delivered by our honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is rarely seen speaking otherwise.

The country is witnessing an economic turmoil with its currency ‘Rupee’ depreciating against the Dollar with every passing day. BJP has raised its voice and yesterday we saw Arun Jaitley taking a dig at the PM in Rajya Sabha by stating that the PM’s track record was of populist policies, not reform. This didn’t go down well with the PM, who is known for his economic reforms in the ninety’s. In a sharp response, the PM replied that,

“Whatever some members of the House may say about me as the Prime Minister, I command certain status, certain prestige and certain respect in the Council of the Group of 20.”

The PM in his speech promised that his government would reduce the “unsustainably large” current account deficit undermining the currency but at the same time he also stated that the reason of weak currency is the prolonged inflation of many years caused by the last government i.e. BJP

War of words from Parliament to Twitter

The BJP leaders have expressed frustration about the PM’s remarks and have met the President insisting him on early polls, reported NDTV. Meanwhile the war of words has begun on Twitter, with the senior opposition leader Sushma Swaraj questioning the PM’s grace. Interestingly Sushma tweeted the same tweet in English as well as Hindi for her 645K followers. Without any doubt the Hindi tweet hit the chords hard.

रुपैये ने अपनी कीमत खोई, और आज प्रधान मंत्री ने अपनी गरिमा खोई .

— Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwarajbjp) August 30, 2013

The Congress guardians fought back and we saw tweets from Manish Tewari and Ajay Maken.

w.r.t. PM showing mirror to opposition;1999-2004 when Congress was in opposn,the total disruption in Lok Sabha was 18.95%, now it is 36.7%

— Ajay Maken (@ajaymaken) August 30, 2013

If this was not enough hashtags like #ChorPM and #PMChorHai started trending on India Top Trends. Your guess is as good as mine as to who might be forcing these to trend. Some of the tweets that got the most buzz on the hashtag are listed below.

Hey @PMOIndia the reason no one in other countries shouts #PMchorHai could be… no one’s as big a thief as your govt?

— Mahesh Murthy (@maheshmurthy) August 31, 2013

If #PMChorHai disappears from trends… #ChorPM starts trending at top… Hahahhahaa! Who will expunge these trends?

— MediaCrooks (@mediacrooks) August 31, 2013

#ChorPM & #PMChorHai both trending on the top! shows how indians feel about our own PM. Sir, please go!

— SanghParivar.Org (@SanghParivarOrg) August 30, 2013

#PMChorHai presents the sequence of events before “Bharat Nirman” ->

— Kiran Kumar S (@KiranKS) August 30, 2013

Later on we saw hashtag #BJPeed joining the party and as I write this post all three are dominating the India Twitter Trends.

RSS ideologue Savarkar could not take 6 months of jail, he #BJPeed & begged British for mercy, unlike Nehru who spent 10 yrs in jail.

— Suryanarayan Ganesh (@gsurya) August 30, 2013

All these guys in the opposition have to do is to cooperate and question. Not scream, yell, stall, walk out or pee. #BJPeed

— Vijaylaxmi Sharma (@Sharmaji09) August 30, 2013

The offline rivalries and the 9PM television fights are now also happening on Twitter. These insane and illogical hashtags leave no sanity on the platform. Indeed it is getting trended and getting more voice to it but then we are already aware of the facts; so do such hashtags add any value? Nonetheless, we are going to see more such incidents with the general elections coming closer.

Image courtesy: Facebook