This Women’s Day saw many brands celebrate the inner strength and beauty of women. While the world is still grappling with understanding what women want, and their behaviour as a consumer, here’s a brand that has paid a warm tribute to the urban, tech-savvy woman in its latest commercial. Godrej Appliances, a part of Godrej Group, one of the largest players of home appliances in India has launched its first digital video commercial, celebrating the special woman on the occasion of Women’s Day.

Breaking misconceptions that women are not as tech-savvy as men are, while also showcasing the brand’s products, the digital video ad features a multi-tasking woman who is at ease with technology at home and at work. However, she feels she isn’t being appreciated for all that she does for the family. The central message of the ad is directed towards men as they often forget to appreciate the woman in their lives while she dons many roles with ease.

This Women’s Day, Tell her

Conceived and conceptualized by Godrej Appliances and digital agency, WATConsult, the 3-minute ad titled ‘This Women’s Day, Tell her” begins with a married woman starting her day by reading a blog named ”Married Man You Will Love” written by a shy married man. The ad runs through the married man’s blog talking about how much he loves his wife and how much he would like to talk about her alone. At one point, when her husband walks in, she asks him why he isn’t like him (the married man), never once realising that it is her shy husband who is the creator of that blog.

All throughout the ad, we see her using Godrej appliances with ease, while she smoothly juggles between household chores and office work.

Buzz on social

The DVC was launched on the Godrej Appliances Facebook page after a series of teaser videos and teaser cover photos a few days prior. Coinciding with Women’s Day, fans were asked to dedicate this video to the special women in their lives. A contest on Twitter asked users to tag the special woman in their lives and describe why she is special using the hashtag #SheIsSpecial.

Godrej looks into the future

While men were the sole breadwinners in most Indian families, this has changed now to double income households with the woman of the house contributing equally in the finances and also in buying decisions. As a result advertising now also speaks to the woman. Besides, the idea leading to the creation of a DVC is based on the digital consumption behavior of users.

Studies have shown that Internet users watching digital videos have risen from 56% in 2008 to 75% in 2013; People streaming videos, watch ads for at least 20 seconds with an average completion rate of 87%, as per Emarketer. DVCs have 18% more recall than TVCs according to a Nielson report. A comScore report suggests 75.8% of all women, 6% more than men, sit online on a daily basis. Godrej Appliances has hit the right note with its DVC campaign on Women’s Day.

A smart digital concept that has also leveraged social for better visibility. Hoping to watch more DVCs in the coming days!