Go daddy Mithun da ad

As India experiences a rapid adoption of internet in all areas of business and everyday transactions, the number of small business owners taking to an online presence is also growing. As per TRAI data, India’s total Internet subscribers stood at 238.71 million as of December 31, 2013, compared to 164.81 million as of March 31, 2013.

Riding on this growth wave is GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest web hosting and domain name registration providers, with its new marketing campaign starring Bollywood dancing icon Mithun Chakraborty. The campaign made of two films has Mithun explaining small business owners how creating a website can bring them more customers.

One of the films titled ‘Piece of Cake’ is set in a bakery with empty chairs instead of customers. As the woman owner and her chef look on with empty eyes, in comes Mithun Da with his gang of dancers. He asks her if she wants more customers, and advises her to visit the GoDaddy website displayed on a tablet, to create her own website, grow her business and enjoy success.

Without an afterthought, he adds, “Now dance!” While Mithun and his gang of dancers break into a dance, her business is seen growing through the newly created website and she joins in the dance too. As she shouts “Go Dada” excitedly, Mithun says, “Go Daddy!”

While business owners can dance after signing up for a website with GoDaddy, the same is being communicated through GoDaddy’s social media presence. The ads have been shared on the GoDaddy Facebook page following a series of teaser visuals a few days prior. The ad film uploaded 4 days ago has received over 10K views already. However, GoDaddy India does not have an active Twitter presence that would have helped in taking the message to small business owners.

Small business owners often find it difficult to set up a web presence. Having domain registration, web hosting and website building all in one place, makes it an attractive offer to them. However, reaching out to the large chunk of small business owners can only happen through television on a larger scale, while social media can get the idea of ‘convenience with GoDaddy’ across. The ad rightly targets SMB owners, without a web presence, but active on social networking sites.

With the new campaign, GoDaddy India has managed to create awareness as well as differentiate itself with a trusted name like Mithun Da.